Michael Crawford

Time - Poem by Michael Crawford

Life is a mesh with ups and downs
I feel this as I walk the forest watching for the hounds
The fog is think and not sure where to go
It's too dark and I can't follow the crow

My thoughts weight so heavy every day
I ask others around me, what can I say
There must be an answer for me to find
Everyone around me as been so kind

Everyday takes away the old and brings in things of new
There are things I didn't ask but I should knew
I feel so overwhelmed, want to run so very fast
Who knows how long I can really last

I will wait till the morning for the sun to rise
Only to expect the same or maybe get a surprise
Maybe when I stop in front of the door
Or maybe enter the house and see what letter is on the floor

What a long journey it has been
So much truth and so little spin
I have waited for this moment for so long
Time has made me not weak but very strong

So bright, the sun beams through the paper thin drapes
I could not help notice the large bowl of purple grapes
Minutes have past and now it is time to leave
To stay longer, I will surely grieve

Time has come to leave phone numbers in this place
Only to give me time as well as needed space
Months from now I will know there will be no regret
I will take my chances and walk away from this safety net.

I will not look the same as I go overseas
This place will be warm, not cold only to freeze
Change is good to stay young and bold
Where you will not be known and future untold

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 15, 2012

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