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- Time Changing Is Constant For All: : Humour, Science - Poem by Alessandra Liverani

Einstein's theories were accepted before experiments were done
And when they finally did 'em, they only performed one
He asked us to believe that time could be sped up or slowed
Depending on how fast you travelled from another person's abode

He thought it was the only way to take into account
That the speed of light was a constant and absolute amount
The other day it hit me that time cannot be dilated
And I know you're waiting for my theory with your breath bated

I don't know if it's my theory or if it's been said already
But there's another way to explain that light's speed is always steady
In relation to any body moving at any velocity
This theory is very simple, I'm sure that you'll agree

A torch sitting on a barge will travel at the same pace
As the barge itself, it's an open and shut case
But the light from the torch only comes into being
Once it leaves the torch, are you seeing what I'm seeing

It never exists on the barge, with the torch switched on or off
It could never gain momentum, relative or not
The light cannot 'sit' on the barge taking in the view
And time passing is constant for all, this much I know is true

(Sydney, Australia - 2010)

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