Time To Let Go Poem by Ghazala Lari

Time To Let Go

It's time to let go

All that obstructs

And hinders the glow

It's time to move on

From all that hinders

Ones progress and success

It's time to let the sun shine

No matter how cloudy the sky

There's always a ray to hold on

It's time to be the one

You expected others to be

Calm, wise, kind and person with empathy

It's time for a new beginning

Leaving behind that's not moving

For it's meant to stay where it is

It's time to see beyond

The horizon and yonder expanses

To focus on places where our destiny takes us

It's time to give up

Things that aren't thriving

Something you held too long, hurting yourself

It's time to display the brilliance

Of every talent and creative aspect

That you've been blessed beyond measure

It's time to shine

So uncover yourself

And move out of your shell

It's time to glow

Be the moon of your life

Displacing darkness inside out

It's time to laugh

Over instances that are hard

Making them easy enough to handle

It's time to smile

And spread vibrancy around

Making everyone's day astounding

It's time to be oneself

Unwind all the neglects

Following advices you give yourself

It's time to be who you wanted to be

Stop struggling and battling with everybody

Just let each step take you where you destined to be

It's time to break open the closed doors

That have kept you away from your good work

Achieving everything that's important to you

It's time to see the world clearly

Wiping off the fog and dust from the specs you wear

Letting the real colours exhibit itself

It's time to count ones blessings

And stop complaining for what isn't

Having a grateful heart for The Almighty

It's time to give back to society

What we have attained in life from it

Generously giving to the one's deserving

It's time to forgive and forget

Patch up with your enemies and past

Weaving a future bright and beautiful

It's time to write your heartfelt poetry

Letting your dreams and desires flow slowly

Over the paper of wishes and fantasy

It's time to relax and chill

Not everyone and everything needs our reactions

Letting our heart, mind and soul be filled with tranquility and peace

It's time, now is the time

For time is life and it's passing fast

So grab each second of it, before it perish

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