Tirukkural Chapter 31 - Couplets 7,8,9,10 Poem by Rajaram Ramachandran

Tirukkural Chapter 31 - Couplets 7,8,9,10

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL
அதிகாரம் 31- வெகுளாமை
31/07. சினத்தைப் பொருள்என்று கொண்டவன் கேடு
நிலத்தறைந்தான் கைபிழையா தற்று.

31/07. Sinaththaip porullendru kondavan kedu
Nilaththarraindhaan kaipizhaiyaa dhatrru.

31/07. One who feels that anger is his very nature will be ruined
Like one gets pain after beating the ground with his bare hand.
Meena: One cannot say he cannot avoid anger
As it has become his nature.

Kamala: He's foolish to declare,
That it's his very nature
To get angry with people,
That he's unable to control.

An angry man should
Count from one to hundred
For his anger to come down,
As a doctor's prescription.

Anger is a kind disease
That affects him and others,
Unless and until he controls
His emotional feelings.
31/08. இணர்எரி தோய்வன்ன இன்னா செய்யினும்
புணரின் வெகுளாமை நன்று.

31/08. Innareri thoyvanna innaa seiyinum
Punnarin vegullaamai nandru.

31/08. Even someone trying to harm you like hot burning fire,
Better you don't show your anger on him that will be good for you.
Meena: How to remain without anger when someone is attacking?

Kamala: It's better not to make it
A big issue when someone is hot,
In that way you're not
Giving him a chance to fight.

When a dog is barking at the sun,
Does the sun care that one?
The sun cares not for anyone
But does its duty all alone.

You should control anger
To avoid any danger
From that fighting person,
Who can harm you even.
31/09. உள்ளியது எல்லாம் உடன்எய்தும் உள்ளத்தால்
உள்ளான் வெகுளி எனின்.

31/09. Ulliyadhu ellaam udaneidhum ullaththaal
Ullaan vegulli enin.

31/09. If one does not mentally even think of anger,
What he wishes for he will get it.
Meena: Is there a person in the world not even thinking of anger?

Kamala: Such a person is very rare,
Who doesn't even think of anger,
But even if thinks, it must not,
On any occasion, come out.

He must able to suppress it
Without releasing it out,
Then he's a great man really,
For controlling anger successfully.

In the ancient history,
Gautama Buddha's story
Never mentioned the word
Anger anywhere in his record.

After him, any great man,
In this world, is born,
Free from this anger?
It's difficult to say here.
31/10. இறந்தார் இறந்தார் அனையர்; சினத்தைத்
துறந்தார் துறந்தார் துணை.

31/10. Irrandhaar irandhaar anaiyar; sinaththaith
Thurrandhaar thurrandhaar thunai.

31/10. A living person, having too much of anger, is treated as a dead man.
A person, given up anger completely, is considered as an ascetic.
Meena: An angry man, in other words, is a walking corpse.

Kamala: True, if he loses temper,
And shows always his anger,
How to deal with that man
Daily by any other person?

People will regret, why they came
To meet and discuss with him,
If, like a bull dog, he shouts
The moment a discussion starts.

He's a walking corpse,
Though alive, he shouts
For reasons known to him,
Whenever people meet him.

Thursday, August 25, 2016
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