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Marriage's Made In Heaven

Rating: 3.9

To make a glass cup
It takes few minutes,
But to break it up,
It takes split seconds.

We smell the rose
Not by crushing it,
But thro' the nose,
By handling it soft.

The baby with care
Her mother fondles
As she wants to share
Her love with kisses.

Likewise, a marriage
That's made in Heaven,
Confirms a life bondage
Between man and woman.

Marriage's a sacred institution,
A bachelor wants to get in
But feeling it a great burden,
Thereafter, out he wants to run.

The wife's like a rose
The husband should feel,
And he is like a glass
With care she should handle.

Any divorce, will there be
If each one respects,
Whatever any difference be,
The other one's feelings?

Will the Heaven pardon
If they break their ties,
Violating its sanction,
For few silly reasons?

Dr John Celes 01 March 2018

Marriages are made in heaven- a true concept that modern trend tries to look down upon and talk of human rights without each spouse doing their duties properly and not keeping their bond of togetherness sacred as per their promises before God- well brought out in these short lines of verse.Good work Poet Sir.May some confused readers gain enlightenment from your writing and settle their earthly scores with spouse with prudence and love divine and live in peace and ease. love, Dr John Celes

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Israj Ali 07 February 2018

Nice words- - beautiful poem- -well described

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Rajendran Muthiah 01 July 2017

O great Poet! You compare the woman to the sweet smelling rose and the man to an easily breaking glass if dropped. Wonderful Sir!

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Kelly Kurt 08 April 2015

A wonderful poem, Rajaram. Thank you for sharing. Peace

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Chinedu Dike 07 September 2019

A poignant rendition on the holy matrimony set aside for sober reflection. An insightful work of art elegantly crafted with conviction. Thanks for sharing.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 26 August 2019

Likewise, a marriage/That's made in Heaven/Confirms a life bondage/Between man and true sir! An excellent poem! (10)

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Nice to read the true poem, break up for silly reasons.

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Savita Tyagi 09 December 2018

lovely poem on marriage. Bond of marriage requires a sincere commitment to keep it strong and full with love and care. Only then it would bear the stamp of heaven.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 03 November 2018

This is really a beautiful poem on marriage and relation among wife and husband having touching expression. I cite....The wife's like a rose The husband should feel, And he is like a glass With care she should handle. Thank you dear sir for posting this gem.10

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