To A Shining Star, That Will Never Fade Away Poem by James Darwin Smith II

To A Shining Star, That Will Never Fade Away

Wallow and freeze
On a moment of cold tears
Bleeding out in remembrance
Of illustrations of verses
As golden in the genius
Of an introvert's devotion
Spreading emotions
In each dreams dwelling
Peaking the imagination
Through lyrical awe
Creating sunshine
As each shadow looming falls
Down into an open palm
Of wildfire ambitions
Only to have the hand of time
And then the dreamer fades away
Yet, never in the heart of admiration
Eternal voice of powerful prose
Dazed in the moment's passing
But we do have the voice
The lyrics, to move us
When we wallow and freeze
It just takes time to move
When feelings feel out of place
In dedication of a voice
That souls shall always feel in praise
Though the sadness of a body of genius
Fades away
The words shall always hold sacred
To the hearts who at this moments
Dropped and fell out of place
But there will be a rise
Beatings of inspiration
To smile and move
In the sunshine of ones legacy
Giving those who of whom listened
Who listen, to eternal words
Sung by a man of passion
Lyrical genius always moving us
As we live on
At this time
Mourning but grateful
Of the euphoric star that graced us
With passion
Peering our hearts
In many powerful ways
As our tears turn to steel
Reigning in the
Of always having the passion
Upon something that we were given
In the first place
A belonging with each word
Dedicated to humble motions
In an organic garden to solo amazement
This power of belonging
Will never fade away
Soon the clouds will open
And the sun shall be conjured
By the spirit of a legend
Eternal, internal
In the aspiration
That will always have its place
In minds that shall always inspire
To make move with pride
Of knowing this voice
Will never fade away
We are always gifted
By the presence
Of a voice forever
In the hearts of many
As we listen with our hearts
Words sung in eternal passion
As saddened as we are now
We will always have the words
Of power of raw intellect
To always comfort us
In our time now
Mourning in the star
That given us
Many miles of wonder
In our imaginations
We come to celebrate
All in his name
Today I hold remembrance
In dedication of a powerful voice
That will never fade away
A sad day
But the future says
We will heal with the eternal words
Our hearts hold in amazement
Celebrating a striving force
That will never fade away
And love of this
Will always be in our hearts
As we warm and smile
Of something that will always play
In the ears of our joy
But now we mourn in dedication
Of an artistic presence
Creating unlimited words
Holding in awe
Sung with such raw power
Strong in our hearts
We dedicate
Upon this cold day
But surely the sun will come back again
All in the name of a creative force
That gave us so many lyrics to feel
And ponder in so many different ways
All in dedication to a soul
That will never fade away
In our hearts where his music
His words will always be playing
And never will fade away
Still it is such a sad day
And the mourning keeps going on
But someday we will smile
And feel grateful for a voice
Of a lyrical genius
That has always made
Us feel into place
And his legacy
Shall always live on strong
In remembrance
Of a shining star
That will never fade away

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