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(to Her) Autumn-Loving Heart

Rating: 5.0

The melancholic thoughts are
tightening around her
neck..like a rope of
worn-out petals from a
dying amber rose..

Now, here she comes; so calm,
so cold, with her
marble silhouette-but
what a dread! Instead of

life..she wanted death!
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Unnikrishnan E S 18 July 2016

Hi Agatha, On the burning shores of time, she grieves alone, and sings mellow songs all on behalf of her autumn-loving heart! ........ ...but here she lies; the one who was borne and died with autumn in her heart! A really haunting poem. I imagine a beautiful face of a girl, but colored in the hues of fallen leaves of autumn. A teardrop hesitate to pop up in my eye at that sight. Grieving! As Tagore said, I donot find the words in this poem. I find only the feelings, which directly speak to my heart. Agatha, RabindranathTagore (Nobel laureate poet from India) said, That words have meanings, is just the difficulty. That is why the poet has to turn and twist them in meter and verse, to keep the meanings subdued/under control, so that feelings are allowed to express themselves. You have mastered this art. Congrats. a perect 10.

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