To Leave For Moment

Rating: 2.8

Why not to leave for a moment?
All bitterness to be pushed back and sent
To its original place
With love only to replace

I am not super man
Ordinary and simple human
Wants to spend rest of life in peace
Not seek revenge and live completely at ease

What is root cause of evil desire?
Why are we subjected to satire?
Why do we carry always prejudice?
Does that strengthen our need or suffice?

It is not practicable to miss bad side
It is prevalent and seen very wide
No one has escaped so far from its dragnet
It may remain there till the end of planet

It is better to understand the basic cause
You must relentlessly fight without any pause
It is not necessary to involve in worldly things
It is not going to lead you for something

It is difficult to compromise and still advocate
Not practicing for self and still try to communicate
This leads to frustration and zealous
One remains preoccupied and very busy

If you take hard work as an option
There wont be any difficulty for adoption
The change over may be smooth and instant
You may do good thing by remaining distant