To Love Is The Purpose Poem by Santhi Janardanan

To Love Is The Purpose

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To love is the purpose!

To love this universe of love hat created you and me and all.
To love the nature so wonderful and promising.
To love the sun that radiates life into me, the wind that breathes into me, the moon that brightens me and stars that shine on me.

To love the green and green everywhere that spreads hope around me, the trees that teach me calm, patience and to let go.

To love all the flowers that show me how to bloom so colourful and beautiful each day.
To love the rivers so elegant that teach me only to give away,
To love the sea so vast, the oceans so deep and forests so still and mysterious.

To love the change of seasons and change of climate which teaches me that only change is unchangeable and that I constantly roll on the wheels of time.

To love all the good people and the good turned bad and the beastly who teach me how to be and how not to be.
To love all the animals and every creature for they are all so good, innocent and humane.

To love the creations of the creations, the charming playful babies that hug my heart.

The art and the artists that made me pause, admire and appreciate.

To love the Intelligent, clever and brilliant minds who made my life so comfortable witth their contributions.
To love all the simple, innocent, kind, gentle, grateful and generous souls.

To love the hut so small in the serene village.
To love the glittering down town with amazing structures and the city so sophisticated.
To love the ambitious, the powerful, the rich yet selfish and pampered poor souls whom I feel pity for.

To love the stitches, prints and paints on the cloth weaved so fine.
The motors so speeding that rolls me, swims me and flies me.

To love all the things that make my life so easy.
To love everything with beauty that brings me joy forever.

To love thyself who has enormous love for me
To love everyone, all souls, thyself, and myself.
To love the oneness in each one of us who carry inside us the God's particle that exploded to create this beautiful universe of love.

The expression of joy and happiness

Wonderful poem. Santhi, you pen something new with every poem, every line you write. Universal love is not a new concept. But the way you have presented it is quite innovative

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Santhi Janardanan 25 March 2024

Thank you so much Unnikrishnan sir

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Santhi Janardanan 22 March 2024

Thank you so much Poet Unni. It means a lot to me.

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