Santhi Janardanan Poems

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The sun's beautiful rays
pierced my eyes,
captured my little heart.
I was a bit shy

Dare To Love

Sometimes I feel it's right and sometimes it's wrong.
My soul yearns for it,
but my intellect refuses it.
My heart leaps and opens with joy

It Is!

I thought it's fantasy.
But it pains me when you are hurt.
And I realised it's love.

To Love Is The Purpose

To love is the purpose!

To love this universe of love hat created you and me and all.
To love the nature so wonderful and promising.

I Have Known You Forever!

I see you in grace today
Always as a friend who would stay!
Have I known you forever?

The Summer

The Summer

The Summer so hot and sweaty makes me too thirsty and fussy!
The trees gave me shade so cool, fruits so sweet and flowers so colourful and pretty.

Never Give Up On Me

You know that I am all inside you.
Burning as a fire within..
I shall make you happy when you follow me or I give you sleepless nights.
I still bother you even after you reject me. You know deep inside that you don't do well without me.

What Can I Do?

What can I do? 😞
I hang my head in shame.
My heart aches for you my dear.
We should have protected you.

Do The Magic!

My heart, it doesn't listen to me.
It draws my mind to think about you and jumps with joy.
What magic have you done to steal my heart?
I neither want to see you nor I want to be with you.

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