To My Father Poem by Sankhajit Bhattacharjee

To My Father

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If you stretch your hands, you will not get a friend-
inside the night-dark heart light never penetrates.
Friend, you have stretched your soft hands-
dark night has become delightful morn.
All sadness fades out,
happiness creeps into my life willfully.
Life becomes a sky full of rainbow-
the gentle and charming fragrance sings and dances.
You endure pain to make me ever smiling-
inside the night-dark heart light finds its place.
You are my everlasting friend,
your touch makes me overwhelmed.

Mahtab Bangalee 12 August 2020

You are my everlasting friend... to a father it's an excellent utterance; nice to read

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Rajnish Manga 12 August 2020

All sadness fades out, Life becomes a sky full of rainbow You endure pain to make me ever smiling.... //.... The poem is full of heartfelt sentiments of gratefulness that a son feels for his loving and caring father. A father is truly a pillar of strength for all sons and daughters and you have made this role all the more adorable and pivotal. Thanks, my dear friend, for sharing this masterpiece.

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Deluke Muwanigwa 12 August 2020

Good ode to your father. Yeah fathers if they dont leave the family are a solid tower to lean on.

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Sharad Bhatia 12 August 2020

Good morning sir, tv It's an such a lovely and heart touching poem about " Father" . मेरे पूज्य " पापा" अपने सपने का गला घोट कर, हमारे सपने पूरे किये।। अपने सपने को बेच, हमारे सुनहरे सपने खरीद लिये।। हमारी की गई गलतियों को खुद को ज़िम्मेदार बताया, खुद नीचे सो कर हमे पलंग पर सुलाया।। देखों जग मे कितना सुन्दर आप जैसा " पापा" हमने पाया।। खुद कठोर बन हमे मुलायम जैसा बनाया, खाली जेब होते हुए भी खुद को राजा बताते थे। Regards

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