To My Friend Poem by Shree Parno

To My Friend

Rating: 5.0

I would like to touch your heart
So here is my immortal hands and soul
With a smell of simple life and ancient tool
And with a big handbook of water, soil, trees and birds
Have you known those rivers mountains and the sky
Which were created only for ourselves
And to make peace and harmony of our nation.
Don't forget, there was a golden age,
And there was a golden brotherhood of choice and respect
There was a culture of love and knowledge
But these have not seen in social practice
Are they vanished from today's life-styles?
Are they destroyed like the old letters or lore?
Why I had brutally hurt from the past decade of years?
Because negative thought and bad customs also arrived here
They quarreled, they raped, they murdered and they cheated
I stood single here and spent tears
Mornings and evenings have been going very fast to the rest world
Like the horses of racecourse
But no one heard my weep here
No one top leader came here,
I stood alone and alone
Only a Sunshine, which I have seen from my ancient sages
And from my best son Tathagata Buddha,
And thereafter Ramakrishna, Saradama and Vivekananda
They are pride, they did good, they are my History
So I would like to tell a story
And I would like to spend a time with you
My friend, I am your India, I am old India.

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