To My Perceived Enemy Poem by praneeth remidi

To My Perceived Enemy

I am still in past and still dwell in past
My dear perceived enemy
Proofs heaped and heaped
to cause a mountain in my little heart
and it pains of burdens

How cruel of thou, my shameless godess
to stand, to breathe, to see, to smile
amongst these pure trees, seas and skies.
Thou I misunderstood to be among those purest
But now I knew thou got dipped in smokes and noises

I am still in past and still dwell in past
Until I get the rationale behind every proof
Yee the senseless three fools, the day rushes for me
Breaking the walls of reasons for my agony
When my day comes, my darling, with thy stupidity
Hold me not and ask me not, crossing thy guilt
I reiterate, you sow and you reap

I see the day rushing for me
On the chariot of angry thunders
Hope thou restrain thy dignity
by not seeking help of the one whom thou did not
Ignorance? It is no crime but thou hast probed it
Thou made more than crime, thou did sin

I dreamt thou would bring life in my life but
Thou hast brought into it tons of disgrace
The end, to me thou made it so worse
To feel guilt, to regret and to curse

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