My Missing Magical Wings Poem by praneeth remidi

My Missing Magical Wings

It was sudden that I got a pair of magical wings
Unasked and unexpected…..

Wings transparent like that of the dragon fly's
Yet colorful as that of a butterfly's

They took me to flight across the beautiful places
And have flown across hills and seas and forests…

Though I was above the clouds I was not scared..
I was in trans… I now only know and want these magical wings
And was not scared of the height at which I was
and even forgot there exists gravity

Chilling drizzle of the waterfalls,
mystic smell of the wet mountains
Have seen the sea…Violent waves at the end and killing calmness in its middle
My flight started drifting even
and crossed the clouds and on the way
Sensed the softness of the smooth clouds hanging in sky with no support

Now observed the stars, they appeared bigger to me
I thought the wings will take me to more heights
But Again suddenly, the wings fell down
I fell from unimaginable height

All those I thought was beautiful started hurting me
Clouds made me freeze, sea made me drowned
trees hurt and mountains wounded me…..

now my heart is bleeding not for its unheelable wounds
but for the missing magical wings…

Dear my most lovable lost wings, send me a sigh through any wind..
I will hold that direction and walk in it round the earth

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