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Apprehensive music reached my ear
I could quit the door and soon roam there
Moving the rocky crowd I stood there
In front of a sieved hut I saw her

Where are those, thy beautiful anklets?
My spring, the queen of seasons

Are they lost or are they hidden
Are they missed or are they stolen
But who needs and knows those
As only I heard them so clear

Ohh my dear valentine! Here I am waiting
With roses with as red as they can
With hands as big as they can
These would just go in vain

Who created these dreams?
Of himself, why is he scared to reveal?
In sleep I hear my screams
To get rid of those, is there a peel?

What is this that suffers me in my dream
For a few hours it doesn't let me sleep in my Realm
And the night comes nearby
And my heart beat goes high and high

' what's on your mind' my Relief probes
And I always have two extremes
Either a lakh lines inexpressible
Or words less immense emotions to let out

Where is this silence born?
- On a midnight in an ocean lit with thunders
It was born in a sleeping shell

I have lost my poem
Among the beautiful footsteps of a dancing bird
On the ever wet red soil
Those marks over there say

Why am I insulted for my little emotions?
Rather they are obvious and expected
Why am I stepping back for a vengeance?
Rather I should insult even more

I am still in past and still dwell in past
My dear perceived enemy
Proofs heaped and heaped
to cause a mountain in my little heart

What are these emotional thoughts
Like the random laser beams in thousands
Raining in a closed room with no logic?
I want to hold them to get relieved from panic

In the deepest depths of my heart
My love got buried
But from me the grudge didn't part
It makes me worried

It was sudden that I got a pair of magical wings
Unasked and unexpected…..

Wings transparent like that of the dragon fly's

Oh the truth, my lord, my king, come to me
Thou don't deserve to stay there
Thy speed will get slower where
With false and false cries it cover

'Ooh my fiddler, my ill fated fiddler
In me and to me, thou can't be a traitor
Why do thou play only the sorrow string?
And probe sympathies and criticizing'

ఎక్కడ పుట్టింది ఈ నిషబ్ధం

ఒక మధ్య రాత్రి ఉరుముల వెలుగులో వెలిగిన
నడి సంధ్రమున నిద్రిస్తున్న నత్తగుళ్ల లో పుట్టింది.

Thou aren't a dream, I see thou smiling
That isn't a smile in dream, dream doesn't have colors in
But when I see thou smiling
I see thy lips, they are red and glossy

End to end it is wandering in my mind
This unrest restlessly and worst
The most crushed heart is in grind
Why am I so badly cursed

I have done all that I could
The possible most beautiful castle to build.
Weighed I a lot unbelievable weights
Shifted I many stones and mortars and wood


Only I know what darkness exist beyond the darkest nights
Because I have seen the darkness in shines of sun

Only I know what beauty lacks when all flowers on earth gather

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Indian Village

Apprehensive music reached my ear
I could quit the door and soon roam there
Moving the rocky crowd I stood there
In front of a sieved hut I saw her

May she had an endless song
With her pair or brother or son or some
Hand and head with each other
Says that there are none to her

Through her dried and turbid throat
She winds up words and rhyme about
Moribund music from shivering strings
Turns out of her trembling heart

Her grown trees are green for ever
But her plants are always brown and brown
Wet with hunger from hours and hours
She curses Him in hate and honor

What a music it made! It made
Funny kids and crippled old think
What a music it Played! It proved
The young are frivolous and greedy.

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