Cheyanne Keller

Rookie (9/29/1997 / Columbia City, Indiana)

To My Wonderful Boyfriend :) - Poem by Cheyanne Keller

I thought of you today but that's nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and the day before that too. For every day good or bad you'll always be in my head. I hope you've understood everything I've said. This isn't just a joke or a silly lie. I'd never do anything to make you wanna cry. I'm sorry if I do something to make you really mad. It only comes back and makes me really sad. I really do love you and everything you are, I hope this relationship gets really far. I'll never get you out I simply don't know how. In fact I'm thinking of you right about now. You're everything I need and everything to me. You know exactly who you are and what you're doing. You always make me smile just by being there. I hope you know how much I really do care. Every time I think of you my stomach seems to twist. This is why I love you, I've made a huge list. The list goes on forever and never will it end. Neither will our relationship you'll always be my friend. Not just a simple friend but a special friend at that. I want to spend my whole life with you. The moment I think about you. I go to another world. A world where you love me too. And where I can never be hurt. The truth is I don't know what to say. My mind goes completely blank. I have never in my life lost my way. But my heart with your love simply sank. If letting go was a choice. Then I definitely would. But I can't control the strong voice. That's telling me I never should. I have no clue. On how I should let you go. What is it that you do? That's making me love you so. Maybe loving you isn't a mistake. Maybe I can close my eyes and smile. Maybe in your presence my heart wouldn't break. Maybe I can just dream for a while. I sometimes wonder if you feel the same. I wonder if you think of me. I sometimes wonder if you silently call my name. I wonder if you'll ever see. In the beginning I thought it was fake. I didn't think I'd go this far. I thought it was just a mistake. Now I can't stop wondering where you are. The question is do you care? Do you even know? Will you always be there? Will you ever let me go? If for any reason I cried. Would you take all the pain away? If for any reason you lied. Would I still want you to stay? My love for you is way too strong. For me to simply forget. Some people might think it's wrong. But your love is the one thing I won't regret. When I first met you, I felt like I had known you forever, telling you my secrets, and what I didn't ever want. You listened to me I bet you thought I'd never end, who would have thought we would become more than just friends. Over a period of time, I got to know the real you. A boy so caring and gentle, with a heart so true. You've survived your life with hurt and loneliness by your side. I told you I'd never leave because of the feelings I have inside. I know you like no one I have ever known, and sometimes I wonder what I'd do if you were gone? So I have decided time answers all. If it is meant to be time will remove the wall. I love the way we are together, you can always make me smile. Will it ever really be forever? I guess I will have to wait awhile. Time will reveal, what lies ahead but always remember what I have said. Meeting you has changed my life and I really love you so, the feelings I feel for you I am never letting go. Remember me always and I will you too. I always think of me and you.You brought me sunshine, when I only saw rain. You brought me laughter, when I only felt pain. Romantics at heart? Love at first sight? Have I known you before? God! This feels so right! Have I met you before? Another time, another place? If it's only one night, will it bring us disgrace? What are these feelings? Must they be temporary? Just to make you happy, seems so necessary. I want you to know, cause I'll never forget knowing your smile, your kisses, and yet; Dreams are something, that can't always come true, nothing more we can say, nothing more we can do. In your arms, I'm in my safe haven. With you holding me tight, I have no other craving. All I need, is that one look, that says you're always there, just like in a fairy-tale book. Your eyes talk to me, as the world stands still. My once empty heart, now with love does fill. Your eyes tell me, that you'll love me everyday. No matter what may come, you'll be there to stay. I tell you everything and never with a lie. All my worldly secrets, and everything that once made me cry. Everything in my past, with you I can forget it all. I know I can trust you, to catch me if I fall. If only I could explain, how much love I have for you. Then maybe, just maybe you'd feel it too. When I fell in love my heart was on fire. To be with you was my one desire. And if you love me I'll give you everything you need. A lifetime of promises and a world full of dreams. For only my heart knows what it means. And I promise you it won't be wrong. One love, two hearts we will make it strong, But now my love is lost in your sweet kiss. Honey when I'm alone you're the one I miss. And your sweet, tender love it hard to resist. Darling it's true my heart has fallen in love with you. Looking upon the stars tonight wishing with all my might. Hoping someday you will realize this passion I hold inside. Honey it doesn't cost a dime. And if you give in your love could be mine. I feel truly blessed for this feeling the Lord has given me. Accompany by faith and much understanding. And I know this gift will guide me for all eternity. As my heart fly by with angel wings. And the clouds form into wedding rings. A woman in love the angels sing. On and on a soft melody. That's how it feels to be in love like me. For thoughts from the heart are never ending.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I got bored and was thinking about my boyfriend so I decided to write this for him :) I love you Dylan<3

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