To Serve And Protect Poem by Randy McClave

To Serve And Protect

"To Serve And Protect" is on the side of the car
Maybe it would be more useful on the side of a jelly jar,
To serve and to protect I thought would be for one and all
But, now I believe there is a different protocol.
Protection is just for the rich and the caucasian
While to "Refuse And To Harm" is the African American's equation.

He didn't have a weapon and he is wasn't on crack
But, he was still murdered just because he was black,
He wasn't given a chance to speak a word, or even say grace
He was just killed, because of the color of his face.
I am a true proud American, but never will I be a gun owner
I am shameful of both, so I became a blood donor.

It wasn't a terrorist or a cult who's belief he wanted to enforce
The murderer was a public servant on the police force,
The officer seemed to judge the victim alone by the color of the skin
And since that he was black, the officer did condemn.
If I were a drunk, or belligerent or even ready to fight
The police would leave me alone, just because I am white.

A motto again I have read, and with prejudice I will give no respect.

Randy L. McClave

Thursday, July 7, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: murder,police,police brutality
Dan Reynolds 07 July 2016

horrific event and your disgust and empathy are apparent in this piece.

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Randy Mcclave 07 July 2016

I am very upset and disgusted, how anyone can take the life of anyone for any reason, especially because of the color of their skin. Randy

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Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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