To Scotland Poem by Randy McClave

To Scotland

One day I'm traveling back to Scotland with my fiancé
God willing I do sincerely hope and pray,
With many places, sites and adventures to embark on
Traveling the highlands and the.lochs in the early dawn.
I'll experience Scotland once again, but now in a new manner
As our adventurous trip start, I will now be the planner,
Of course she has never visited Scotland before
And together we will stand upon her beautiful shore.
Of course sometimes she enjoys to give some sass
But, now she will be seen and heard as a typical Scottish lass,
Now she will be wearing a highland dress or a tartan skirt
Along with a, "SCOTLAND THE. BRAVE" shirt.
I'll take her to the castles and unto the many streets
Where the modern world and the old world meets,
Where we will take every step in a step of mystery
As we learn about Scotland's wondrous and dangerous history.
We will dine on the food of that beautiful country
Upon Haggis, Neeps, Tatties and Cullen Skink and fish from the sea,
Then upon the country side we will excitedly walk and tour
With excitement and wonderment unto my fiancé I will ensure.
I wanna take her to the writers and the National museum
And also to McCaig's Tower Colosseum,
And then off to Roslin Chapel
Then maybe off unto Arthur's seat where we will climb and grapple.
And while we are deciding what next to do
Maybe we will see the wild Scottish thistle or even the Fortingall Yew,
The tree which underneath Pontius Pilatus played as a lad
The first actions and memories that he's ever had.
So, many adventures in Scotland with my fiancé I will wanna take
So, many wonderful memories with her I wanna make,
But, sadly a fiancé I do not have
So, I'll travel to Scotland in memories alone of her behalf.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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