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To The Death Ov Malakout! - Poem by Shireen Ramadan

Before the become, infection ov cum, my dark air inside a sable ov womb.
Slithering inside, a grotesque serpentine, carving Bibles in flesh for a history ov dumb.
Pulse in ripe church, embryo in pus & choler, fleeing Babel Tower in my gene ov blood.
Predict the sex ov parasite, my crypt in earth, before my birth, I was alive.
Way-out ov goat, pushing walls ov flesh, my blood-room ov dwell, Belial ov more.
Frowning God more higher, in doom gore ov sire, smelling rot ov maggots in my shaking cult.
Calling him in my day ov trouble, orisons ov suffer, delivering to soil.
I'm the tortured light in fetus; I'm the walker Glorified, to the end ov Malakout.
I'll lock the gates ov Cerberus, smoke ov Ishtar, I'm the redeem in goblet.
I'll heal your crypt to the day ov judgement, clocks in loud, suicide in pure.
In my bread & wine, showdown ov divine, my mortal God in flesh & blood.
My Sanctum Sanctorum, I'm the being, the lasting immortal in a fortress ov light.
Penetrate my flesh, stab wounds ov penis, sharp tools ov pain, deserve the steal.
Feeling a Christ in court, tormented, his ruins in fester, submissive in fragments.
His rhyme ov pain in fetus ov Cain, his thorns in my head, my Ken3an in obtains.
Her storming womb, my smacks in Mary, his bliss in tools, a child in ovary.
Behaving eternal, dwelling within, in bones ov Jesus, my sable in uterus.
Upon my cross, I'll hold the mercy, to the end ov days, to the suckling divine.
I'm the glory ov beast in a slavery; I'm the grave ov Jesus in cells ov purity.
My wars ov Magog in a fusion ov steal, my screams in gore ov a dead whore serenity.
My walls ov silence, in a fetid chamber, in the egg ov virgin, predicting the more.
Incinerate my walls, my spiders ov perception; dig the aggression, in the womb ov Malakout.
My wounds in Jesus, the dying truth, despair ov glory, faeces ov morbid.
Burying embryo in my mouth ov vagina, my womb in dirt, my Christ in hurt.
Open my Scriptures in the glass-hour ov fate, black rotten tendon, to the blocks ov virgin.
Ken3an in obtain, vaginas entertain, my liquids ov stink, hypnotic disdain.
Valhalla whispers, parasite dominion, smelling God's elegance, my whole shall perish.
Malakout Allah, existing within, my streams ov wine, to the springs ov Malakout.
Orchid mother in bloom, Virgin Mary in doom, my morbid in flesh, breeding a Malakout.
My realm ov being, in macrocosm, my holders ov four, my feathers in royal.
Decayed bliss in humans ov mess, my Scriptures & holders, holding inside.
Do you mean a sovereign in your eyes, in arms, or a sacred fall ov child?
Holders ov four, holding the throne, when the day will come, obnoxious in cum.
I'm the blind fetus with ebony, shelter in grave, his snake ov rebel in exotic ugly.
Creation ov fools, your bliss in tools, tools ov torment, fraying your flesh.
Ken3an is creeping, suicidal white, so soon in light, to a silent Malakout.
Evoking end in a mystery ov puppet, his angel ov chaos in a sable ov dwell.
I'm the being ov Jesus in doll, rebuilding a hell, cross burning smell.
Lashes ov whip, in the misery ov God, in my microcosm, to the core ov Malakout.
Block my holes to the inner walls, promises ov stable, resurrect a virginity.
In genes ov blood, baptize the creation, my cursed creation in a sable ov dwell.
Candles ov mode, slaying the brood, to the cold eternity, parasiting humanity.
Dancing blood in motion, to my sins' distortion, my blackened wet ocean, slinking in shame.
In my bread & wine, swallowing a divine, eating bread in flesh, raising blood in fresh.
My fusion ov steal, my tendon & fat, blocking my holes, to the inner walls.
Drowning to heal, redefine the steal, lost natures ov deal, my soul is the gain.
Before the become, infection ov cum, my dark air inside a sable ov womb.
Slithering inside, a grotesque serpentine, carving curses in flesh to the death ov Malakout.....

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