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To The Power Holders With Crimes And Corruptions (Prose Poem)

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Leave such stupidity of forcefully violating, grasping and abusing the power,
Leave such inhumanity of illegally snatching the rights of other,
Leave such mentality of backing to the ancient caves of terror and horror;

Cheating all other you are accustomed to live on the livings of other
Your living, dress, food, fashion and style spread a nasty odor,
People in general hate that odor spreads crime, corruptions with devilish tar;

So, you do not keep any good relation with your opponent, anyhow
Rather you loose crimes and corruptions more than you were committing

Illegally oppose, arrest the innocent citizens and opponent legally living;
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Monday, November 13, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: corruption,power
A reader 13 November 2017

Outstanding with honesty written the poem, loved and respect, thanks poet

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Fiadh Fida 13 November 2017

It is a heroic writing against ill and evil power holders, thanks for sharing

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Visitors 13 November 2017

Properly writings, poet; go on we are by your side

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Muzahidul Reza 13 November 2017

People in general are just the citizens legally living on the occupations If you legally find faults with them, they won't object you to charge of them; But, as illegality is your very dress, you are on violating power any case.

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