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Poetic inspirations for Bryony Sheldon:
J.G. Thirlwell
Dr John Cooper Clarke
Phil Lynott
Bon Scott

Biggest achievements of Bryony Sheldon:
-Watched The Green Mile without crying.
-Stood up so fast that she temporarily could see into the fourth dimension.
-Managed to boil minute rice in 56 seconds.
-Snook into an 18 rated film When 13!

Bryony Sheldon Quotes

19 May 2019

There's a reason why God makes us suffer: People do more praying in hospitals than they do in churches.

19 May 2019

You don't get to live a bad life and have good things happen to you.

19 May 2019

A transfusion from me would kill the faint of heart.

19 May 2019

Much like a mosquito that has landed on a woman named Jasmine, I am a sucker for jazz.

19 May 2019

Much like a mosquito that has landed on a man from Mississippi that is in debt, heartbroken, orphaned and most likely black, I am a sucker for the blues.

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Shaun Cronick 08 August 2019

Bryony Sheldon writes with such honesty and pulls no visceral punches. Superbly imagined, crafted and constructed poems that are breath-taking. I'm glad this site has Bryony Sheldon on it to make our hearts beat faster.

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The Best Poem Of Bryony Sheldon


The gun is loaded.
Warhorse thunders towards the front,
Straight towards the void.

My chest is burning.
The bayonets flash in the blackened sun,
Blinding our eyes.

The gun is loaded.
White knuckles are tight on the grip,
Yet I feel nothing.

In a foreign field.
We charge onwards to our fate
In a foreign grave.

The gun is loaded
And I rust some of my bullets
With stranger's blood.

Comrades fall.
Stiffened wounds begin to test our pride,
Coarse, raw, cold.

The gun is loaded.
It chuckles at the men I slaughter,
It laughs as they die.

I spend bullets,
Screaming at the sky as I charge on,
Deafened by shame.

The gun is loaded.
My victims fall tediously one by one,
I lose count.

He has no name.
I catch him in my cold sights,
He catches me, too.

The gun is loaded.
Our eyes meet for a mere split second,
And we know each other.

We hesitate.

I regain focus.
War is a game of survival, not compassion,
And I only have one bullet left.

I reach for the trigger-
My gun is loaded.

Bryony Sheldon Popularity

Bryony Sheldon Popularity

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