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Tongs Of Time - Poem by Arijit Kar

Oh, silly naughty old earth
Why you move so fast, stop
Stop once, give me a chance
To have a longest kiss
On her pinky lips.
She is in great hurry
Our kiss should not occupy time
Leave us, leave us once
Oh, my silly naughty old earth.

Oh, silly, crazy civilization
Why you goes on so fast, an hundred years for
Stop once, look once back
The most precious things you have left.
Your hurryness didn’t give the time
To hug forever, to express their love
Couldn’t you leave them for a single once
What miracle would you bring
Oh, my silly, crazy fast civilization.

Selfishness, the reason of your madness
Fratricidal war, in it’s supreme
Becoming a machine is an intense power of yours
All the goods were there
Never back again, not for a single once
She may go on, she may move faster
Who knows, who can surmise her whim,
Her craze, her caprice...............
Her savage love.................

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Poet's Notes about The Poem


Tongs of time is a poem where the narrator of the poem expresses his views about the earth and now his love becomes problematic due to the fastness and craze of the earth. In the very beginning of the poem the narrator calls the Earth as silly, naughty and old, and tells about her fast moving. He asks her, the reason of her fastness and tells to stop, stop for once, that the longest kiss can be given on the lover’s pinky lips. He says that his lover is in hurry and the kiss he will give on her lips that should not occupy time, means the earth should not move on that particular time; so his lover would not have any hurry to go; as the things and time will remain same and he would be successful in kissing her the longest time. And his plea to the earth to leave them once, really draws the state of mental condition of the narrator very clearly. In the last sentence of the first para the narrator again calls the earth silly, naughty and old. According to the narrator the earth is old and thus silly that she can’t understand the narrator’s deep love for his lover, and the earth may be naughty according to the narrator because the earth may find the reason behind the narrator’s plea, that is why she (Earth) is adamant to not to stop.
In the beginning of the second Para we again find the narrator calls the civilization silly and crazy. According to him it is not the movement of the earth but the civilization. He asks why it goes on so fast for a hundred years last. He says the civilization to stop and to look once back as it left some most precious things. Here it is not very clear whose the precious thing are. It is the hurrying civilization or the men the narrator speaks about in the next two lines. However, here we not only find the expression of love for the narrator himself but some other men and women also. Here as it moves so fast lovers can not hug their persons forever, and the narrator’s plea is to leave them for a single once. The narrator can’t understand the cause of hurryness of the silly, crazy, fast civilization, his confusion is about, what miracle would this civilization bring that it works as fast as no one gets time to love their persons for a single moment.
From the third and concluding Para it may be understood that the narrator finally finds out or guess what the reasons are behind those fastness. As he talks about the selfishness of the earth and he thinks it is the reason of the earth’s madness, fastness. The narrator finds the fratricidal war, with its high level. And man is becoming into a machine due to the power of it, as they are losing the way of expressing love and brotherhood or they don’t have any time to do so. He talks about the past, when all the goods were there, nothing was selfish, and the motion was not speedy. But it is the matter of regression to the narrator that those will never come again back, not for a single moment also. The narrator says us that she, means the earth, and her civilization may go on faster, we have nothing to do, there is no one to guess the whim or madness of her, no one to measure her caprice, her craze. And the last line of the poem is most important where he says ‘her savage love’. Her means the earth’s savage love, the narrator thinks the love the universe has for us is ‘savage’ and not ‘civilized’. If it was civilized she could have understand about the love and optimistic mentality of the people about their love. So, according to the narrator it is ‘savage’ as the animals or ancient people can express or make love, but their way is different they can’t do it in a particular way, it can’t be the proper love making, and it hurts the narrator.

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