Tongue Tied

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I've been tongue tied before but never like this
Not when I'm staring at your lips thinking about a kiss
Feeling my heart rate increase w/ every glance at your eyes
I know we've had some bumpy rides
On this roller coaster called life
But we're two lily's together we thrive
Our petals, our veins, our roots
They all look beautiful on the window stoops
After the rain, the sun comes out to make us laugh
I want to keep those moments close, forever to have
Engraved on my heart so I'll never forget
The good times and the sad times that made our eyes wet
They are all precious, they're my glimmer of hope
Even if I was mute you know I'd always love you with the words I wrote
I'd write you endless poems till my fingers were numb
I'd write so many they'd all come out cheesy and dumb
But they'd make you smile, that pretty little smile
That'd make it all worth the while
I'm not a good talker, I'd probably stutter my 'I love you's'
Thank God I'm not an aspiring actor, all I'd get are 'Boo's'
I wish everyday for you to always be by my side
It's just hard to tell you cause loving you leaves me tongue tied

Friday, January 27, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: awkwardness,funny love,love,love and friendship,love and life,true love
Sister Frances 28 January 2017

Jeremy God bless you for being tongue tied so you could write this gem of a poem :)

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Jeremy Willson 29 January 2017

Thanks siss this poem is about my special someone, I swear she always leaves me tongue tied I'm surprised I can tell her Good morning at school lol

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Mj Lemon 27 January 2017

Great poem. I find the title ironic. This flows like some of the very best slam poetry I've ever read. A great work.

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Jeremy Willson 29 January 2017

That is high praise friend thank you very much for your comment I appreciate it :)

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