Jeremy Willson Poems

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Where I'm From

I am from gold chains
From Folger's and chocolate chip cookies in the morning
I am from the first house on the left "Old and spooky"
(Wide and tall, magnificent yet eerie in sight)

Are There Monsters In My Attic Or Is It All Inside My Head?

I hear the noises commin' from up above
Is it a monster in the attic?
Or could it be the wind?
Late at night I hear them talkin' about me

Lady Melody

She dances swiftly through your ears
Precious melodies brushing away all of your tears
Her voice is as sweet as honey
It makes the greyest of days seem sunny

Tongue Tied

I've been tongue tied before but never like this
Not when I'm staring at your lips thinking about a kiss
Feeling my heart rate increase w/ every glance at your eyes
I know we've had some bumpy rides

Birds Of A Feather....

I miss you, the next time I see you can I hold your hand?
It makes it easier, b/c against the world is where we stand
But against the wall is where I want you to be
The friction, adrenaline, my breathe all you'll be able to see


Maybe one day I'll leave and no one will ever see me again
Maybe people would care but only then
Maybe it's cause they took me for granted
Maybe they think that I'd never leave them abandoned

Happy Birthday Pap!

Today my old man turns 54
That's totally like the new 24
He wears button ups and dress pants
He's old school like his prison green tatts

Text Ex Pt.1

When I text you it's because I miss you
When I don't text, it's cause I want you to miss me too
I stare at our last conversation
Excercisinng all of my patience

Dr.Seuss Can Go Fly A Kite

Was a very silly goose
Who liked to rhyme and riddle
Compared to him I'm in the middle

The Reflection In The Window

Whenever I see my reflection in the window I feel sad
I can see the loneliness in my eyes
And it reminds myself of all the past memories good and bad
Reminds me that time flies