Touch Of A Vampire Poem by K J

Touch Of A Vampire

I take your neck in my hands.
Your golden chalice of blood.
All for me, you beg me to drink you dry, while you stroke the strands;
Of the beautiful, black hair beneath my hood.

I know your love for me is true.
Even if I'm hundreds of years old too.
You know what I am and what you want.
So you bleed for me, there's no reason for a hunt.
I'm so seductive I make you want to die.
You just want my teeth inside you, drink you dry!

You know it's coming, the way I'm holding you.
My hot breath like blankets on your bare neck.
You close your eyes and feel your mouth fall open slowly.
As you feel my tongue against your skin and teeth digging in.

You want to scream but the breath stays in you.
I adore your blood, so sweet and tasty.
The way I suck the life from your neck, it hurts.
But, I love the way that the crimson spurts.
My hands caress your body as you lose control and fall.
I hold you tightly but like you're no weight at all.

You can feel my tongue and teeth deep inside.
But your world is fading to darkness, It'll soon end.
As I lay you down and kiss you with bloodied lips.
You watch as I smile when I wipe your mouth.

It was a pleasure you cannot describe, a pleasurable pain.
You would indefinitely do it all again.
For the way I held you and controlled you, the bloody warmth.
It was was like nothing before...
A vampires touch.
The most painful love...

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
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