Vampire Quatre Poem by K J

Vampire Quatre

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Excuse me; I didn’t know how to start
Sometimes I get lost…… thinking of words or lies to tell you

Lies go on top of lies

Images of a domino effect
Pieces tumble, but not always in place

I know lying is my middle name

But I can’t tell you everything. Not supposed to

It’s doesn’t work like that. You understand?
You see what you see, because that’s who you are

I should never tell you the truth

Besides you like the lies. You couldn’t handle the truth

Most of you never can

You just want my hands in your hands. Show off with me be proud

You got this? Or I got you?

Here we go
Bleed you dry
I suck you dry, because I need to suck you dry

My happiness is based on me

Never you!
You’re just my hostess, my thing to do

Blood in blood out, don’t you understand

See, I have no love for any man woman or child

There are no gods to pray to
I shouldn’t say that…..

I am here to survive, to feast to rule my world
Anyway I can
Watch me smile a handsome smile as I tell you to go to hell

I always love that moment when they get so surprised
At the evil in my eyes

At the dream lover that wasn’t real
At the love that wasn’t there
At the extensions in my hair

But the eyes are real, always look in the eyes

Surprise! I can see it in your eyes

Another woman down

Call 911
Red alert

Another woman just fell

For something she thought was real
So I ask her “what is real”?

And I can see the anger building in her eyes

As she expects me to run out the door

But I don’t run out the door. I give me more and more and more..

Now she wants to run out the door

As she begs me to, please just leave
Just go
Begs me for her life

Wishing she never laid eye’s on me

Or fell in to my trap
Come into my web
Go into my trap

Taste my body, hear my thoughts

Don’t you want more? Me not evil

Please understand I am a vampyr, and I continue to prey

Every night, every night, every night

I love the night

That freedom, that night air
The empty streets
That moonlit sky

So beautiful so bright, isn’t it bright?

I love the night


I love the night

Elvashira Silvertongue 23 July 2015

A new favorite. My favorite line That freedom, that night air The empty streets That moonlit sky you make your point so vividly! ES

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Fairie Helper 06 June 2011

You're so genuinely sick ------

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