Trailer Farm Dream Poem by Quinn Graw

Trailer Farm Dream

Rating: 4.5

In that fateful way who ever won the race on that day
discovered a secret safe place
that within lies the golden dream.
Traveling the gravel road
with a lush green ditch as one drives
a circular driveway forms around the old poplar tree
with the dead oak torched with a past lightning touch.
A small trailer remains in the midst of a tiny acreage
as the overlooking stream flows across the boundary.
Sitting on the ranch style porch
with a drink in my hand
by myself or not living in a quiet country style
I view the western sunset peering through the mini-forest
surrounding the winding driveway across a mini-bridge
heading past a towering mountain
from the Rocky Mountain range.
On paper or the computer screen
a place to write, a place to meditate
maybe even fish while pondering
the perfect structure of the natural green.
God's handiwork fits together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle.
Time to dream of prairie fields near this trailer farm patch
in living a full godly life upstream.
On a trailer farm with potatoes and orange trees
tomatoes, cherries, grapes and peas are grown
one day one acreage one peaceful desire
dreams of a trailer farm emerge brightly.
Plow the dreams into a robust, fertile soil
work hard and look forward toward that day
as a statement of hope prevailing
over the negativity clouds pouring down doom and gloom
holding one back but never holding one down and out.
Go out and grab the trailer farm dream
Find the purpose now that you yearn for
by choice not by chance invent your farm dream.

Thursday, March 24, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: dream,goals
Norah Tunney 24 March 2016

A place to write A place to meditate even fish while pondering the perfect structure of the natural green And the last 2 lines Yes! ! I live in the wilderness, and love the simplicity of my life I would not trade it for the world Beautiful reminder Thank you Quinn

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Quinn Graw

Quinn Graw

Manning, Alberta, Canada
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