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Last night I held the world
in my arms,
and my heart broke into
a thousands shards,

I read the poems of Tagore for you

I read the poems of Tagore for you
to calm the fevers and the chills,

In a Paris cafe
on Rue De Barrie,
I watch a solitary man

When the mind is quiet
its a beautiful thing,

snowflakes in the winter

The passion of a poet
is rooted in the sacred,
there is nothing in this world that is not divine,

Be kind, Be kind

in the dark mists of grief,

When your racehorse mind is running around the track,
and your body feels like a heavy sack,
go inside yourself
and find a soft armchair,

Again and again
I am reminded
of that word
the buddhists love,

If this were your last day
how would you spend it?
I know I would feel an urgency
I would want to tell those closest to me

The raw gritty depths of grief.

all the spiritual books


This morning
I do not spend long hours

The nearest thing
to god for me
is the love of my mother
and father

The night before he died
he kept pulling at the sheets,
I wondered if his mind was going?
so I asked him-

You never know
what's around the corner,
one minute you're up and running,
next your speech is slurred,

I want to be among fleshy,
meaty, messy things,
I want to be human down to
the bloody ground.

Every moment is dripping with Being
carrying the scent of
wild fresh green,
luscious, succulent, sexy,

if you are grieving
you have a right to be,
it's a normal response
to the craziness you see,

There are no mistakes-
everything happens for you
not to you,
now it is a mosquito ringing

The ordinary things that shape a life

There is a flame
that burns

Lonely Night in Berlin

Those eyes that shone so bright
so full of light,

Norah Tunney Biography

Norah sprung from an extravagant linage of poets where Poetry was seen as a beautiful benediction- a noble passion blessing all ones days. Won 3rd price for poetry in The Gerald Manley Hopkins award. Wrote 4 poetry books entitled Only a Breath Away, The Touch Of A Spark.)

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Last Night I Held The World In My Arms

Last night I held the world
in my arms,
and my heart broke into
a thousands shards,
I cried rivers
and my body ached and shivered,
I gathered up every scrap of pain and grief
and carried it home to the great ocean of silence and peace,
we are not beings in a separate cell,
we are part and parcel of a magnificent star-shell.

Last night I fell asleep with the world in my arms
and today I cry from the depths of my being-
let me die from loving this beautiful world too much,
and forgive me if have hurt you along the way,
but I am just a poor being made of clay.

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Bill Nicholson 05 October 2019

Hi, Nora, Remember us, Jean and Bill, Lynn, massachusetts

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Susan Williams 17 March 2018

Norah Tunney is a remarkable voice. Just read those intelligent, sensitive, and beautiful quotations she has posted...such as.''The awareness of death- gives life.'' and ''Nature quietens the mind and nourishes the heart.''. Those words give you a key into the heart and spirit of her soul and her writings. I recommend her poetry... I know I have enjoyed reading her. She has not been her for a couple of months and I miss her voice.

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Norah Tunney Quotes

You will not fall between the cracks- this loving universe has got your back

Only when your heart is empty will there be room for the whole world to come inside.

The awareness of death- gives life.

Nature quietens the mind and nourishes the heart.

When the mind is quiet the body can rest.

When you fall in love a falling star kisses your face.

Holy is the fire where the rubber hits the road.

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Norah Tunney Popularity

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