Travian Gaul Warrior - Poem by Micron

I sit upon on this low wall
I am your loyal Travian Gaul
I've come to life from the computer game
A retired Phalanx hero now, that's my fame
Replaced when the Haeduan was trained
This village is my home as so I stayed
Dense clouds of dust are coming nearer
And the number of Romans will soon be clearer
Romans first appear from the dust like little ants
They grow larger and soon I can hear their chants
Now they are here with their metal helmets
With their fancy armour and glistening armlets
And as the Romans cries of attack are heard
I look upwards and see a huge bird
Flying free in the bright blue sunlight sky
Romans keep attacking us -oh why… oh why?
Our defences are down, we were attacked unaware
And now defenceless villagers can only hide and stare
For our own troops are out defending others now
And our attackers are farming for this we allow
There's a crash as rams hit our palisade
That my friends and I - oh so carefully made
Wood snaps and breaks, splinters fly
Oh well I suppose we did gave it a try
My eyes turn to the bird now turning right
As soaring trebuchet rocks disturb his flight
Huge rocky boulders quickly fall
They came straight up and over our matchstick wall
Landing in the middle of our town hall roof
And as mad as it sounds its the truth
Old wizened Gauls, pour out of the wreckage
Holding their drinks so there is no spillage
Drunkenly rejoicing no one was killed
And with spare resources and gold they now rebuild
With haste from shattered wood appears a level 1 folly
Back in the Town hall they follow molly
The party resumed your hear their joyful delight
No one will stop this party, which will go on into night
Now Romans pour in through the gap in the wall
They find 200 traps in which they do fall
Skidding along boar fat spread on the ground
These trapped troops are useful we've found
For poking the Romans with poison ivy tipped sticks you see
Will give lots of fun for all villagers and me
Later they will be released as they learn
From the itching and scratching so they wont return
Romans avoiding filled traps rush on by
For give them their due- they always try
Disturbing Pigeons and Doves who take flight
They approach and we are now in their sight
The Romans are many and we are so few
But they change their direction and this is true
To plunder our resources, so that's why they're here
To raid our granary and warehouse we find dear
But nothing they find and this we find funny
Not a single grain of wheat or any money
For before they arrived the merchants went out
They left on the first sound of that attack shout
A second before the first attack landed here
The merchants were out and no longer near
They will get no recourses and will wonder why
They never will however hard they try
For deep in our village so carefully hidden
In a place so secret to say where is forbidden
Under a trees and a rocks so they say
Is lots of wheat, wood, iron and clay

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, November 20, 2008

Poem Edited: Saturday, November 22, 2008

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