Tree Of Life Poem by Dave Dafes

Tree Of Life

Like a mount it stood,
Unshaken by the storm,
Its roots concealed on the earth’s womb,
Firm is its grip, underestimated from day one,
Its strength is obscured by the earth,

It has seven branches
That spread across greater Arabia,
Watered by the seven seas that flows
From the New World to the Cape of Good Hope,
Sweeping across the Nubian heights down to the Orient
Where the sun has it’s bedchamber,

Six branches stayed occupied but the seventh,
A land of frozen shores and icy mountains,
Where the polar bear and its whelps made their lair,
Everything is created; nothing on its own exists,
Neither is there a vacuum in nature,
Only time can tell what the future holds,
As everything returns to base at the end,

Every space when vacant
Always will be filled,
When a tree shed a leaf
Another grows in its stead,
When one branch falls off,
Another in its place will always sprout,
Each tree bears fruits according to its kind,
As the good in man attracts others with similar virtue,

Everything in life is fungible,
None can remain indispensable,
So beware, for there are a thousand
Standing by, waiting, praying, scheming
For your fall so they may take your place,

He must be great,
Who notices greatness in another,
We see the world not as it is but as we are,
Nothing is worth the trouble,
Live life only on your terms,
Pay no heed to fate or the stars,
For every cause, an effect must be,
Tomorrow, is always a harvest of yesterday’s seed,

Dave Dafes

Dave Dafes

Ughelli, Delta State Nigeria
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