Dave Dafes Poems

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I'Ve Conquered

</>(This poem was Inspired by the 23rd psalm 'n' the poem Invictus written by William Ernest Henley (1849–1903)

Sore as hell’s depth away from Mercy’s Coast,
The thick clouds of shadows that embraced my Bole.

Paean To Love

Love, sublime celestial flames,
Maid from Paradise hails,
We enter, scorch'd with intense ardor,
O Cherub, your shrine!

Memories Of You

Wandered down the woods again
Thru' the thicken'd forest saw i,
Y'ur face engrav'd on ev'ry flora,
Lighting the trees with y'ur magic aura.

All Things Fade But Love

Health fades,
Wealth fades,
Fame fades,
Life and all it holds,

The Power Of One

One word can right a wrong
One idea can inspire generations
One hand can lift a burden
One head can quench world crisis

Dangerous Beauty

Her eyes glows with venom,
When she winks its death.
With a tongue coated with poison,
Her lips paralyzes like a viper's kiss.

The Sparkle In Your Eyes

I looked out my window at the silvery moon,
Somewhere in its rays, I saw your image.
Painted by the starry glow of the night sky,
Illuminating the shady curtains with the sparkle in your eyes

'Cos You’re Gone

I feel like a song without the words.
A bird without its wings.
A man without his soul.
A heart without a home.

My Dreams

We laid together skin to skin entwined in fierce passion.
Heart to heart, head to head, eye to eye in ecstatic dight.
Our lips lock’d In a wet kiss, my will to her cession.
Driven to yonder height,


We meet people each day.
Some just cleave to us never going away,
Some just impress us we pray they stay
Always and forever till our hair is grey.

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