The Sparkle In Your Eyes Poem by Dave Dafes

The Sparkle In Your Eyes

I looked out my window at the silvery moon,
Somewhere in its rays, I saw your image.
Painted by the starry glow of the night sky,
Illuminating the shady curtains with the sparkle in your eyes
Then my heart glows with utmost delight
At the thought of your soft gentle face filled with sublime light.

Then warm tears of joy sailed down my cheeks.
Refreshing my weary soul like the tiny dew drops
On the thirsty field. As I recalled how with your love me you conquered.
My soul you mystified by your regal smile ‘n’ enthralled
By your affection, I grew wings to touch my dreams.
And thanked the heavens for such sweet love.

I pictured the sparkle in your eyes when you smile.
Which the stars tried to mimic with their dazzle,
Still the night yearn for your touch, as my soul does for your
sublime light that elucidates the heavens.
I realized I never knew a heart could speak
Such soft tunes that send thrills down my spine
And I know within your love filled arms I’ve found a home

Though the vast ocean of nothingness tears us apart,
Yet I feel a synchrony of emotions fierce as hell’s furies
As my heart is enflamed by the sparkle in your eyes.
Though sadden by our physical separation ‘n’ entwined by intense desire
The rhythm of your love echoes in my veins like a thousand chords.
As the beat of your heart rhyme with my thoughts,
My palpitating heart was pacified when I realized how much I loved you

Dave Dafes

Dave Dafes

Ughelli, Delta State Nigeria
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