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I'Ve Conquered

</>(This poem was Inspired by the 23rd psalm 'n' the poem Invictus written by William Ernest Henley (1849–1903)

Sore as hell’s depth away from Mercy’s Coast,
The thick clouds of shadows that embraced my Bole.

Paean To Love

Love, sublime celestial flames,
Maid from Paradise hails,
We enter, scorch'd with intense ardor,
O Cherub, your shrine!

Memories Of You

Wandered down the woods again
Thru' the thicken'd forest saw i,
Y'ur face engrav'd on ev'ry flora,
Lighting the trees with y'ur magic aura.

All Things Fade But Love

Health fades,
Wealth fades,
Fame fades,
Life and all it holds,

The Power Of One

One word can right a wrong
One idea can inspire generations
One hand can lift a burden
One head can quench world crisis

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25 May 2015

We are made by what breaks us

27 May 2015

Your weakness is your greatest strength, use it.

20 January 2016

He that conquers his self is greater than he that conquered a city

21 January 2016

Blaze your own trail. Be not afraid to be different, only then can you stand out in the crowd of mediocrity .

21 January 2016

There is a divine spark in the Spirit of men that makes them defy all odds to be gods among men.

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Chris Amalu 16 October 2010

its a gift he has going through the furnace and it will surly come out gold.we are not after perfection but progress.he is an exceptional poet given the right muse.

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