Daniel Reurink

Freshman - 701 Points (August 8,1990 / Lethbridge Alberta Canada)

Trinity Affinity - Poem by Daniel Reurink

a wizard, princess and a knight
contrived of bright upon a blight
the forest cabin mad of wood
life logs in mud stable stood
upon the earth a dragon's den
crafted in gold to defend
upon attack; upon itself, - a place to hide
walled by jeweled greed's fortified
evil-breathed meanness across the land
accounting for any who took stand
listen to us, he would take from you
any value or virtue you hold true
worst thing of all, he would not listen
mountain den wonder of sapphire glisten
dragon denned by Mother's cistern
Nature's spell of death condition
a wizard, princess and a knight
life stable stood upon the night
forested by a cabin of glory
trinity of a mudded story
now which upon the night of this
the wizard touched dream's a'kiss
lucid about the spell of his
related Creation mother tis'
a thunder rolling across the land
accounting for any who took stand
treading and sleeping across the ether
lightning's dream of wizard's dark feature
a wizard, princess and a knight
contrived of bright of blight
life shortcut, - teeth of a beaver?
or waking up to dream fever?
nestled in the world so fair
the energy of a mountain glare
a volcano of anger erupted
magma of nature's spell corrupted
Dragon of wise, Dragon of glory
steaming pot stoved each man's story
ignited, set off, unleashed, controlled
Mother's spells tectonical plate fold
rocks compressed, time stressed, metals hammered and flexed
dragon-scale armor, akin! - you be annexed!
time out of time, ferociously blind best
ceasing Cesar's mankind to the test
a wizard, princess and a knight
upon contrived the blight of bright
whispered quickly a timely path
let loose the crystal of his staff
time unleash, magic twist a'loose
centrifical force; arcane of truth
a void ellipse, vividly amiss
static heard within the cyst
now crystal leaned on wise-man's staff
a strategy unexplored and unmapped
might of The Rockies stoned in one rock
dragon ferociously elusive and hot
places to hide from unstoppable forces?
matter divorces stopping all courses
deep inside a voided spell
uttered madness of mankind's hell!
a wizard, , and a knight
contrived of night of blight
light upon the negative sight
the rib of natures is 'always right'
now vacuumed through a singularity
stood a princess of caged clarity
jewel washed between a shell
of constant pearl ocean swell
reflecting lightly off the lake
convexed eye light of mistake
lavish at the color taste
red nature that's been forsake
O splendor the living chill
of living fresh dead until kill
Savor the sinew and the twelve
feast of Mother's multiple selve
a wizard, them bones, and a knight
convicted light of night's blight
digging thy own grave of revenge
hoping attempts to apprehend
the fortitude of eons;
workmanship of peons
who's heart poured crying stream
chances to hold glistening serene
fleeted by the moment time
cracked a spell of wizard kind
a shift inside the conical
disorder upon once the fold
hallowed sleep, silenced weeped
voided constant upkeep
magic portion pulsing flow
light's balanced nature bestows
a wizard, them bones, and a Knight
converted night; new dawn of light
messaged knight, prophet of right
relating glory; sighted in fright
' O Alas, the spherical flow
pulsed rate at zero low
bravery death knocks ajar
fearing heart's sense afar
folded held by hell
ocean current swell
ever-long beaches tell
curvature of liberty bell! '
a knight upon the word of light
who preached the balled of the sight
unlike the Leo who time stood align
fighting lion to death's family feline
henceforth within the past of now
the lions alone and on the prowl
into the night, into the grass
the final moments of the last
truth, valour, virtue stood tall
against downfall, nature's up-hall
malice, greed, hate, volcanic anger
set the mood of set to danger
arcane and cosmos, birth and death
fire smouldering water's still breath
of voids, magic flames, flying twists
a beast devours all who persist
insisting on existence persistence
existed an persisting insistence
a ripple on revenge lake
eye mistake, mother nature's snake
the air was vibrant, full and elective
motives and blood feuds selective
objective balancing the winner
of who's line could be thinner
energized lines as small as hair
the atoms of universal prayer
spliced plane of visual pain
overlapping energies picture frame
framing such a disturbing scene
fright was convicted to the serene
of nature of time, nature of man
dragon -stanced houses stand
inside the heat twisted fate
reversal of the almost to late
matter's over mind ceasing to insist
that a positive matter battle should exist
ions changed to sceptre of destiny
single prophet sermon ecstasy
about how both master's fell
to existential particle hell
may the war still rage in no-day
no jewels, sapphires, emeralds of the gay
for one's mans treasure is another man's chest
folded greed, earth's mankind true test
deep within the forest cabin wood
the might of Virtue held by mud stood
until the course of time knocks it down
and returns it to the center of the ground
a knight upon the day of bright
contrived a story due blight of light
shining still through lights sharp frights
prophecy in message in time will psyche
the spirits will as the spirits wheel
unlikely situational promotion hero
looking skyward; the stars his steal
thy living dead is all but real
reality is juts a perception state
perceive all third eye to fast to late
for one, two to three eyed fate
monsters alive and alone all but wait
the knight must kill the monsters home
dethrone the antihero killing the sown
for his harvest of death first time loan
has only interest of death family bone
he who wields no sword or shield
runs deep through an unharvested field
for the scythe all but all wields
the strength of ox triangular unreal
a knight upon his day of bright
contriving a story of blight right light
armoured only by sinew and flesh of might
prophecy in all in all time psyche
the spirits whisper and talk amongst
the dew of battle in zero time crunch
he who listens, waits and mind debunks
will win the strategy battle of the month
fatigue is a presence that alleviates the essence
of all the natural condition state menace
who lurks and hides in the corner tired dissonance
a shadow shape wall of all evil sense
the knight of valour and justice stands tall
uphalling the mountains unlikely falls
for this place I am stalled is all but a call
nor menu voices of my own menu voice call
a knight upon this light bright night
contriving his story of might needing light
his soul outstretched pleading his lion's sight
prophecy must fulfill the all I am psyche
now wandering alone within the grass
the lions final moments of his past
the wizard stood tall against the dragons blast
for both of these kin fell in a time lapse
a void were nothing of everything exists
and their all day night battle ongoing persists
a blind time lion who knows the insist
for shaken fear he ran into his abyss
shaking fear within his sedimental abyss
allowed for the knight of prophecy to exist
diminishing time of crime in safety persist
allowing the light for all to know exists
for luck's fate chance allowed the knight
to fight a non-existential matter fight
the smallest gap of hope left through sight
and he unfolded onto the fold a new light!
A knight upon the sight of bright
Contrive a new light state right
A lion hungry for thirst soul's fight
Death of hunger a death hungry psyche
To fight to sing melody harmonic ring
Trumpets through time throughout all sing
The hunger for notes unfolded unto men; bring
A new salvation light bringing king
Composed now here is but all a note
Which floats down river on an ocean bound boat
For the life of water swims around round' a moat
A savoir to castles signing afloat
The lookout towers of high set in stone
A structural fortress of the light coming home
Home in the house of spherical cone
A light shining in darkness a matters alone
The castle radiates a home for all the see
How a deepest trench treachery
Harnesses every fleeing moment past alee
Caged inside its own walled fortune city
A knight within a castle of light
Contriving all light to fight in might
The walls and towers uphold a new sight
Sighted of me harbour nature psyche
Yet the castle bones are the castle walls
A skeleton system to negate the fall
Of mankind on earth, earth inside man a crawl
Each wall restricts all from growing tall
Tall like a tree whose roots run deep
Into the lions castle mountain keep
For what grows up also grows downward
A force acting each way sky bound ward'
Outside the castle wall is a new panacea
Were new life and growth add three fold sum
A trinity land on the hypotenuse of some
For standing upright makes an equilateral sum
For upright with time is a beautiful sense
A loss of comprehension in time's minute sec'
A small white land seen through the fence
A boundary of man being put to the test
A knight without a castle of light
Contrived all night into a bright light
His own soul the keeper of bright
A new conscious era of the psyche
The conscious knights fares far and wide
To proclaim the story of his confide
To there, to here, out on sea on land abide
Each moment a prophet to the masses wide
His story stood tall just like the upright knight
A monster story relating time in no-right
A second chance nothing in everything sight
Please listen to the burden of his fright!
He seen the twists and toils of an evil king
Who debased throne is an evil wing
A crow that flies through death and sings
Hark herald death unto the new born king
Though haunted and dead, fulfilled full of dread
The monster of your demon must only be fed
By a justice that sets wrong; lying in your bed
Gravity pulling you downward into a monster hungry red
A knight with a light shining bright
Contrive all bad nature to the sight
Of all men in time of nature light
A human effort of past death psyche
Now within the present past of now
A lion hunger on the hunting prowl
For the soul of dark to what they bow
The light may shine unhindered aloud
For every meal of every soul
Adds less matter to an existence whole
For whole is the one heart of all men soul
Which is black and potential energy mole
The two sided dime of all men
Unrestricted or restricted playground pen
Calls left to right spectrum to bend
A letter of hope through faith was send
Without a castle, shield or sword
The only attack is a search soul to bore
Deep within the heart of all men's whore
A seductive lust promoting the end toward
A knight upon black night of light
Contriving hope of serenity through alike
Of men and heart; woman and soul's right
Change all change all through all change psych
Change is something that is all but good
Removing the monster demon of what could
Dethrone your soul promise should
A new master call of my own tree wood
The wood of an oak tree upright tall
Against all underbrush beneath the fall
For new life decomposed of the once brawl
A family matter constant stall
Although paternity is all but worth
A second chance nothing new berth
Time blind by their corrupt soul hearth
Change a matter, matter change earth
Now here is a line of wizard kind
I am lost in the void of death mankind
The pain and torment of my death fight lion
Is only negative in time most blind
A wizard bright light due might
Stood tall in ferocious fight
Parents of time run blind alike
For dull is the brain and matter psyche
Now far and wide and across the land
The knight light man new earth he stand
Upon his shoulders the berth of all kind
His strength and will a matter of mind
A mind that tackles each toil and snare
And jests bring on more with a confident dare
For his light shines through time and will fare
A new monster house of time well bare
Today the knight returns to his castle
For a monster moat he must tassel
A lurking beast who speaks cause hassle
Dark age agent of unknown rascal
The silver spear shone light in eyes
For this dark monster of depth hidden lies
Lies deep and wounded in the moats cry
This beast is deader than dead alive
A knight's spear of death's light
Pierced holes in the shining dark night
For all matter course must set a ‘right
Death, death, death to all alike psyche
Me the knight tries to set things clear
Alas, all fear is nothing to fear!
Naked at birth, fearless naked dear
A fawn of love and love so mirrored
The mirror reflection of all evil bad
A tale of lost of lost unto sad
For tears of joy purify the sand
Of when each foot of knight must stand
This sad fiction of all that was lost
Revealed a light of all darkness cost
A cold shiver spine eye of jack frost
Jack of all trades of all that was lost
Trades of all men all can see all
Frosty cold nuisance of monster tell all
For the fall of man in all time all
All lost all found lost of all
A knight of all the shine light
Can't be shaken from this time set right
A solid castle rock house built tight
Of might solid rock stone psyche
For his castle was not build on loose sediment
Hopes brave light establish new settlement
All hope cost for mankind's betterment
No hope lost in course of ailment
To ail, to heal, preach lost of all steal
For none went to menu voice call meal
A horrible dread spotted in dark moments deal
Between life and death's constant surreal
Reality of all truth the eye can see
An alive horizontal hypotenusal seal
Above beyond below set aside by me
O knight Saxon armoured family tree
A family tree of noble descandary
Although a deep set birth treachery
Attracting all my all catastrophe
A father spider web iktomi
My knight fearless and carefree of light
Each bone stronger than Samson's own might
A blind time to reveal all light alike
For a monster genius of present past psyche
How horrible is the taste
Of the death wizard battle debase
A fowl odour that attracts all to late
Master destiny calling fate
A knight of salvation alike
Who each moment passes through night
Shines like a lamp to unhindered light
A brightest bright moment of psyche
You are my all in all o lord
You are my armour shield and sword
For which my boat is always moored
To your constant love and affection bore
Your constant light and affection touch
Is within my knight's every day must
For how can your radiant splendour attract lust
You are all my love and all my trust?
I build my castle walls around you
For you are my all in all life clue
The fresh spring water of early morn dew
Alleviates the rest of promotes me anew
The foundation of my castle built on your rock
Is my constant reminder, constant restock
Of my life set in stone along the tic' toc
Dark prophets of time unwinding clock
A knight radiates sun ray light
So bright it blinds all sight
Promotes the two pillar broken might
O my love and lust purity psyche
Circle wills as the circle wheels
Through death alive set free
A ship afloat in the ocean sea
Master of anchor set free!
Heaven of choice is but a master fate
Of the almost of now almost to late
An experience subjective emotional state
For live life love at martyrs stake
The knight a pawn of an eternal course
An unregistered magical source
For we are all but the force
That acts upon each of our life course
A bled red death of time
Master feline of master fate crime
The two sided spinning circle dime
Of all along all emotional fruit lime
A knight prophetic of master's light
Elune's arrow set straight and right
A rider of master's ray's alike
For this rider rides wisdom psyche
In this new day knight's thoughts are fresh
A new day new order within all mess
For i ponder though ponder caught test
Light shine bright nobility that is blest
The hours of morning tic toc away
My emotional clock never strays
From each heart pulse moment of gay
Restart, restart, start each day clay
The clay shape of my own self knight
Is shaped by all colors of the white
For white as snow, reflecting all light
Is a blind love joy serenity sight
A white snow king that alet flow
Of a luminescent radiant glow
Of light heaven hope that will bestow
New music all kind beyond which agrows
A knight foretold the ballad sight
Contriving once again the master's might
For lights black night shone through dikes
Of matter master genius psyche
The diamond of jewels repress now
A heat and pressure that will bow
To all men, all mankind's cow
A swine slaughter death menu voice towel
A towel wrapping you tight in gravities bend
Singular points grabbing your soul amend
Mend all all mend within the bend
For hell is a place for all men
Hell is but a plastic sheet
That unfolds each skin layer as your weep
But your tears are just another treat
For all monsters hungry pulse heart beat
Deep down south in Zion painful gate
A diamond shatters and destruction of late
Produces a horrifying pain that is agate
Of menu color fall your thought taste great
Contrived first knight set right
To many times i have used words alike
But my mind is compressed in den tight
Human structure fall of my own psyche
Each word contained within my prose
Will help you center of earth truth hose
That pumps your heart through souls glow
A master of your destiny always know
For destiny is but a fickle bitch
A choice of matter of what insist
Do not lie like the paternity stitch
For your soul naked once exists
Your second chance existence state
A new purge master choice of fate
The call of your God is never late
For you are King of your own mistakes
Mistakes poured out in thoughts actions and deeds
In which all likeness your choice will impede
The natural course set right off your feeds
A new life menu holy creed
Contrived constant knight's glory psyche
"Alas spherical flow
Pulse rate zero low
Zero pulse all time glow
Seeds of sorrow sow
A new love hope doe
Of doe re me fa so la ti doe
Music rings right a blows
Fateful master wind grows
Rustling tree leaves down
Ground around summer sound
To life, to liberty
To death's hark deliberaty
Evil of no care
Love lights single hair
Expressed from a single joint
Reverse forward reaction point
Equilibrium of message right
Light of all light's light! "
This is all seen in wizard time
A black priori gate of evil sublime
So easy is black to absorb all hate
Death master's door knock at the gate
The gate of black hole all but waits
For all matter whence is turned to waste
Pain of no time sensual debase
Your soul is but the bitterest sweet taste
Tasteful like a liver steak
Hungerful like a starved African mate
Buds of taste of black matter bakes
A new puff wheat monster cake
This birthday cakes candles only flame
Burns wholes in whole which scorching maims
Scars that never heal but add to their own
O how soulless hurt goes right to the bone
Now a knight upon the new age blight
Defeats dark matter and produces light
For all the world to hold in darkest night
Change all change all within your psyche
How happy one blind man can be
When a momentary second glee
Of fluttering seconds master fee
A love of all communion deed
A passion of your love happy makes
For momentary silence is all it takes
A nothing in everything single stake
Be a martyr of your soul for goodness sake
You soul shines bright within your eyes
For black and white will never lie
No grey area in which to confide
Your soul exuberant masterful surprise
A help is all but you can get
From the lord's safety fall harness net
That saves lives in time, lives never met
We are all one in this gigantic mess
The night stands tall within the knight
Contrived light over rules the blight
A two sided demon coin of might
Bipolar is evil and good psyche!
The soul search of mine is but others
Anointed through grace on time brother
For myself am a man like another
Fighting demons and dark spawns rubber
A flux of earth that always shapes
Monsters of dark reign havoc place
Destroying the soul of my brother's face
Wrinkled, torn and old in rat race
A race that is finished end
Around just the corner bend
For death walks silently on the streets
Your flesh and thoughts are menu treats
Hungry hunger hungry all beasts rejoice
For your fate is a matter of choice
A destined dark master voice
Listen to your inner child voice
Dark nights dark lights of knight
Contrived situation monster vice
Monsters run free in dark shadow nights
Night upon night of all night psyche
Closed heart of a steady closed man
Hope his soul all needs to stand
In this terrifying moment of beach sand
Jump in the ocean and formulate grand
In the ocean ofloat on your boat
The winds and tides will keep you a float
For man and wind will work as one
Thy will be willed until work is done
Kill all monsters hiding in the water
For all but most men will not bother
To save a demon soul of the mother
Kill the serpent of mankind's slaughter
Demon soul o so sensual
Surround the being inward dimensional
Dark soul of dark whole defectional
Defect effect of master's testing whole
Light shine bright in knight's dark light
Contrive all in all matter defect tight
For the beast of man is non alright
Death master beast feast temper psyche
New morning new dawn time's new song
A loud clang of temple castles bong
Last day of hope harmonic along
My own adventure psyche sing-a-long
Today, tomorrow past and present
The future of knights time sent
Misspent in moments gravity bent
Allowing love for all man off absent
God calls in your noir void
A voice heard above all noise
Screaming through your hollow ear
The gate of heaven is locked clear
Clear like an opaque mud
Dirty and unclean almurd fud
Shooting all black rabbits just for fun
Nature's course will be all but done
The early morning knight of light
Contriving carrots for health all sight
A nuisance of bullets alike
Why are we killing our own psyche?
Knights own might set to kill
All evil icy spine fever chill
A sickness of diseased through all will
Monsters going under monster bill
Bill of rights are newly made
For constitution can't be changed
Deranged and phased my enemies gaze
The death of evil monster phase
My rights and psyche due course night
Although each matter floats boat tight
Can't confuse reason with common sense
A logical proportion mathematical tense
Papers defined by God for human beings
For grace and justice are serene
Wash your dirty hands clean
For then life is all new scene
A knight in chapel hope light
Contrived a wish upon a star light
I wish i may i wish i might
Have my wish bestowed to psyche
Wish a wish upon a star
For titans walk close of afar
A stone rock man encased jar
Microscopic man of dar
The microscope to see all men
Is a hopeful light of miniscule send
A letter in mail and not in words
The time out of time letter world
A knight of past corrupt night
Contrived hope of all serene light
A lapse of darkness in light alike
Mind over heart death wanted psyche
A heart is a mind unto a man
For only pumping blood will stand
The test of time, a cold storm brew
Evil death narcissism of no clue
Clue's are present in the heart
Momentary lapse of push quick start
Simpson of homer battle neck bart
Allusion in the justice ok-mart
This shopping spree one night fee
For how quick money catches the me
Me to you of you to them
Money monster deceit den
A knight who knows trust light
Contrived a justice stronger than might
Fight fight fight to the death of night
Harbour all goodness to evil psyche
Evil and good the balance of two
Ying and yangs middle border clue
Of this that and yours mine a few
For love is all early morn dew
The dew of morn balanced by a pill
Given against my own right will
Each pill money talks in time still
O this beauty in wall fever chill
The frozen still freezing salute
Of a new age knight aloose
Stand firm in your natural noose
For geese flock one of goose
All together, all as one
Equating to balance sum
Nature's perfect course of time
My choice my will my mine
Now here is a place of wizard time
A magical time out of blind bliss blind
Sorcerer of all things and magic king
Sitting dethroned by the lost wing
All moments of his past will last
Formulate dark matter attack blast
Fighting strong and untrue a mass fast
Menu voice hunger of green demand past
The beginning is a journey of unknown
A magic portion of monster grown
Rooted in the mire bog rock sown
Seeds planted in river Styx home
The dead whispers through the night
For this master negates all light
A new rhyme blight herald quite
Master of master dark psyche
An experience given by dark haired fiend
Who employed immoral tactics of serene?
Blind drunk luck of all matter scheme
Whispers dark light of feeling being
The wizard's home of unfortunate bone
Is ugly deep down of inner vision known
A void ellipse of a matter eclipse
Blocking all rays of hope sunshine exist
Rays must obey the single time point
Smoke toke smoke broke lung toke joint
Feeling time neither in out or oink
The pig master eating munchies oink join oink
The dead river whisper of night
Master fate of the dark night
For this man walks in no light
Black priori gate of monster psyche
A dead man of a dead plant world
All must decomp in formula whirl
The all seeing eye of hurricane curled
Curling all man inside inner twirl
An inner home one must only reach
From dead nature's dead two time breach
For cop in and cop out align Sphinx
All knowledge unknown; known dead lynx
A cast suspicious and paranoid
Lost in fog of an inner sized void
Among dead thoughts reached through noise
A whole static of evil side toys
Whispering river dead of blight
Havoc monster of far near sight
Unless all hell through plant alike
Lurking paranoia of damage psyche
What lurks around the corner bend?
Darkness a thought proportional mend
For time short set of constant blend
A shadow to shaped demon friend
This friend is nothing of divine
For it is new hope of de vine
Its nature doom calling blind
Master green chained horrible fiend
The sour grape that does produce
An unnatural life giving new day noose
Toke in the morning an early warning
Of a master fate death glory
Blights are whispered through the night
Dark moments of enraptured light
A plant holding all intertwined alike
The government base unwanted psyche
A jackle and hyde of new day life
For all moments but this are bright
Thoughts held in time and matter quite
A quiet monster beast of might
The might disrupts your natural hopes
And is all but a life saving rope
A hangman's tie to your own knot
For false idols bow you should not
Still waters run the deepest set
Look at the positives; not the frets
A moment of time clear cut best
For you only make your own mess
A mess of all time night
Cold a lonely and blight
Time set aside in euphoria might
Change all change all psyche
Change is but just a lissom
Of a familiar plant growth blossom
A bud that produces hope awesome
Gigantic neutral freedom dawn sum
Giants of pure time are seen today
In the early buds of emotional May
A new day spring promoting grey
In between black and white gay
The rough winds of May destroy all
God's hidden voice of new day tall
Rushing in and out of menu voice call
10,000 days burning tree fall
A wizard matter of the knight
Who hides in nature bottom night
Broken hope and thoughts alike
Old master of a green day psyche
This new day pill will not chill
Any matter mind over still
For I am one my work be done
On earth as it is of heaven's sun
For this annoyance is but a hindrance
A hindrance of an all that annoyance
Lumberjack constant cut tree down mill
Of a frozen still freezing still
Frozen in time freezing to you
Monster understood attitude clue
Attitude of me attitude of you
From this monster blue sky monster blue
A wizard spell of wizard might
Needle faint and lack of sight
It will do nothing to my like
Damn the feeling of matter psyche
Needle sharp, needle of dark
Promise of a material herald lark
For pain a fusion all but start
Pins and needles early cart
A cart holding all liquid and gel
Injecting a monster unleashed hell
For all above lost win have fell
Into an abyss ellipse motion bell
Liberty bell only rings
In a momentary lark sing
Death of all to one bring
Pain of the death dark king
Wizard in the same place knight
For needles of havoc produce fright
Evil upon injection unanswered might
Mind over matter deadly psyche
The pain of feeling fusion one
Equates zero game zero time sum
A nothing over everything of sun
Fall out of void master done
Done in a matter where is my brain
These pills and needles are driving insane
A car crash vendetta of the inane
How blind are they to my all proclaim
Proclaim to my own truth death knight
For wizard kind formulates in night
A monster plant seed of my psyche
Changing all around the freezing tight
A wizard who is not a knight
Dark matter formulate of monster tight
This evil unwashed and guilt row sight
Lurking herald of the dark night psyche
Feelings to thoughts played in deeds
A playwright with two dimensional seed
A plant grown wild and unnaturally
Fight to the death lion might free!
The leo cancer of my answer
Is a fall down tight monster cancer
A metabolizing anger of unknown
For known is searched right to the bone
Searched is found and already searched
A one step tune of early church
A ring of the going bell sing
Hark the herald wizard dark king
Wizard spell in dark void hell
Crack bapple pop a fuse of spell
Wave left right and center smell
A smell is no taste of liberty dell
Dell a computer computing thee
An inner computer mathematical fee
Along the time probability knee
Reactions unknown hitting creed
A reaction that only hurts myself
For only hit on knee will help
An feeling early smelt
Early morning whisper dealt
Early morning bird of the worm
Through a universal lateralus form
A new age puzzle of many dorms
Each party hardy laughter norm
Confide the norm of wizard night
For he who cracks spell absence light
A pin and prick of matter fright
Unknown and known master psyche
Another cup of tea is what I need
To own the wizard master throne creed
One two three free heavens door fee
Metempsychosis is unnatural bead
A prayer bead written in time
For I am the master sublime
New dawn age of time align
Star bright star light happy blind
Blind one deaf man who cannot see
For no reaction comes from their knee
I am that is that I am be
A circle balance life atoned for free
Free green plants of wizard might
Lost river Styx within Medusa blight
Frozen stoned fire of all time light
Fiery and hot and ready to psyche
Within myself is a negative whole
For two negatives make a positive soul
Yet this wizard does not move old
For his master is but already sold
Sold to a dark matter situation
I love objective litigation
Of all that was all I am
For now the solid rock mountain stands
Mountain uphall a wizard fall
Quarry of rocks within a maul
Of menu voice menu my own call
All animals within the wizard tall
Wizard staff held on to tight
His own wisdom downfall and might
Unchanged unlocked in a locked tight night
A restricted free freedom of psyche
Good jester of nature kind
Helping staff of wisdom unwind
O matter how body sublime
Time out of time matter wind
Dark wizard of my brick
A wall fortress that does not stick
Sticking castle figure Styx
River accident prayer of lift
River broken of out my own
Please God do not dethrone
Solomon wisdom prayer of known
My kin my love harbour bone
Wizard deep bone tight
Master light in dark all night
For who and you what alike
Change the master open psyche
Dark wizard time were a prayer holds
All life and matter of book bold
A freezing shelf of frozen time cold
Relive the moment I told you so
Fleeted moment capture by a glance
Unknown haze driving second instance
Venus lost to time lost to herself
O please God I pray you help
Help so black gate of time late
Mistake all feelings produce hate
For my love is captured star bait
Ego hate of my own black gate
To fair to sea to heaven to hell
The fire of water of liberty swell
Anotes of time flaming bright white yellow
All the makers life of red keep mellow
This story is one of hot sparks akiss
Lucid dream reality of spell twirling twists
On the fold the land bright hot blazing sun
Underneath below the bowl of golden burning one
The reality of one is through the heats own
The maker of blazing furnace red stone
Set carved in time to figurine bone
Alive and active the dislodged between phone
Ring ding sing along bring
The meal time voice king
Beep bop boop loop to all
In Eden the tree's afall
Above beyond the menu call
For this ranger alone is time stalled
Now far beyond aside this spell makers sum
Atonement of bell of liberty one
White rabbit so black luck of clear time
Maker of instant swell of sublime
Calling far off in the distant nature
Is a protection of instant nature
A wild magic untamed beyond the horizon
Of nature's priori gate balance liaison
See were this takes me
See who this fakes me
Hear who betrays me
My eyes tear full white
Smoke the nature of dark spell
In between a flaming vice hell
Capture black matter to star ashatter
Originate the natural order matter
Bright is the light dimming slow past hour
For heat of truth gives virtue based power
The power of all for one one for all
The liaison of hide and seek feature brawl
Swiftly cold in haste and in fire
Flames the bog of unearthed hearts desire
Capture the magic of silent tranquil
For hope in my light is so but a still
Crackle snap pop grows outcrop Zion stop
Inner Zen of Kaizen of midnight corn crop
Corn still grows in the night
In hindrance of reflective light
The decaying light of sun gravity time
Most out of maker out of sublime
Align this decaying done fight
Along the Sirius one naked truth sight
Now here and there past before
Along the lions of beginning ocean door
The wizard knight produces himself
Along the lines of heat and of whelp
Cold fire burns the hottest
In hot weather of the frost mist
Jack to all hard lost set
Is a jack to frost warm met
Inner yoga unleash my minds flame
Ember of inner voice set endgame
Reclaim the moment of fire sense
Twisting twirls of inner last breath
Off the bench playing middle field
Between the cross of one set two yield
Three in time beyond the spell crackle
O miss wolf of Mr. Hyde jackle
Lost free in space
Lost me in trace
Free lost in place
Space lost in trace
Place lost in space
Lost free in haste
My lost free race
Races of words scrambled in spells
Uttered madness in a non sensual hell
O this time so misspent of my own
For castle rock Zion won't be dethroned
A prodded stick heats all around
For not an animal makes a sound
In the ground comes forth the ether
Combustible matter force of natural feature
The heat of this poem is unlike no other
For my second nature of fire is my own brother
Companion heating inward out
The untimely timely spout
A sprout a flower a nature power
For dark time's surpass this hour
Early for the wolf in set for the lion
Crescent roar of Viking unleashed Zion
All ash fall trash within this crash
I have surpassed in my patient day fast
To the soul i find the inner guide
Cupids arrow of my own self confide
Drink deep and slow for magic pulsing flow
Within the heart does mans blood beat a grow
Alive so ember like red hot and ready
Tree of all me swing free deep and steady
An inner staff of inner wisdom
Produce this dark though prison
Withheld to my age and inner sight
Bright light to lion who is now white
O this drink
My inner sphinx
Ready hot and yellow
Steady stout and mellow
Realize the inner fire
Caged uncage heart desire
Heat me through all
Cold red shiver stall
Release this master call
Untime this time well fall
I fell into the darkest dark hell
No light only vultures calling my name unswell
Curving colors of river that do not help
Only cutting up the truth of an inner kelp
The fresh seafood of ignorance full
Created this dark matter factor whole
Upon the unfold all time held still
Eternity of pain and cold shiver chills
Set first is all life pursuits
In this cold place nothing natural noose
Slings and arrows ravage due south
Inside the Cyclops eye seeing mouth
Hungry for all your being and desires
O listen to the magnanimity of your heart's desires
Unleash all fire and pain of this fold
Into the antimatter home will you a grow
Now you have only a magic eagle steak
For hungry is all your being at life's sake
Understand ignorance is no knowledge of fruit
But your own demise and natural singing noose
The wizard battled this place in still time
A crow of geese of vulture master mind
All evil against evil a positive sound fret
Of a true color Doppler ringing affect
Effected to a positive knight
Affected in to a positive light
From all evil the unnatural form sight
My o my the die lie truth night
The colors of rainbow show
A positive refractive glow
Set happy in glee of monotony
Eternal is the cheapest fortitude fee
Past your time in sevens gates light
Eleven the parallel absolute zero space white
Wizard is now dead
No more to be fed
Only a knight star bright
Fortitude of eons in light

Topic(s) of this poem: divinity

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