True Love Poem by Jarrod Sain

True Love

Rating: 5.0

I don't claim to know everything
Far from it, as my life has shown
But throughout my journey on this rock
Memories reveal how much I've grown

The early roads I traveled are spotted
With first loves and early sadness
Young love often is the spyglass
Giving a glimpse into madness

Then came one I thought would guide me
To old age and beyond
But sadly that turned out to be
One very long life lesson learned

Now that half of my life is stored
In the memory house of my mind
I had all but given up on love until
an angel's voice enraptured me from behind

What followed can only be described
As a coy game of flirts and teases
Leading me into a time of great joy
Of which only real love unleashes

This short time with her has been
A roller coaster ride of emotion
Ups and downs and twist arounds
My heart may not handle the commotion

I don't regret the choices I've made
Or even good and bad things I sow
But because of my life and YOU
One fact remains, True Love, this I know

Daniel Fivelsdal Wetaas 23 February 2024

A beautifully written poem, Jarrod. I hope the two of you find lasting love : )

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Jarrod Sain 29 February 2024

Thank you, that means a great deal. 🤓

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D.N. Rebb 21 February 2024

Such a pretty poem. Congrats on POD.

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Jarrod Sain 22 February 2024

Thank you so much.

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