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Left my home town just before six am
The right thumb was my only ride
Someone finally stopped, thank you ma'am
Heading to the city that has nothin' to hide


I once wanted it all
But now search no more
As I let inner peace soar
And watch others now crawl

Such luminous eyes to get lost in
An idle dream to awaken from
Distant tomorrow, a new begin
Surrender humility, and succumb

The heart has its own mind
Guilt, though, has no vision
Honesty maintains missing links
Then what truly defines love?

He'll bring her to Sunday dinner this week
It was time to meet his parents
Their blessings, he was trying to seek
Courage better make an appearance

Only inspiring poise
And melodious sensations
Yet, with a strained voice
Since the beginning of creation

If you were a rose,
With utmost elegant simplicity
Almost innocent
A noble graceful appearance

Hardship, the only passenger
Advice, the last thing shared
In the distance hope appears
Yet the fog reveals no truth

Deliberately hiding behind objective truth
Inspired pens leave no temporary tracks
Scribble as much as the noble heart allows
As no one's there to affirm vital facts

Dream of the price of life,
While we face that answer
In strength through voice n' tears

A deep cadmium natural inexperienced life
Closely watch the Welsh leeks broil slowly in chives
Like the Roughriders' energy at Taylor Field
As all dollar bill expenses are thoroughly peeled

You are like the fresh snow falling lightly on an April mornin'
Each flake as unique as your ambitious dreams
Like experienced contemporary dancers individually performing
The dance of the pacific salmon returning to spawn upstream

Her smooth long sandy style
So small and beautiful, yet private
Naked eyes visualizing for many miles
Embracing in today's warm climate

It's all coming apart at the seams
Nightmares are now the only dreams
State of sanity, never questioned before
Constantly battling an inner mental war

There was a time, when faith meant something
Now, religion leaves everyone judging
If you didn't go to church, you were odd
Atheists were considered flawed

Reaping excessive but frivolous amusement
Uninvited, like an invariable mosquito nuisance
Remain overly tawdry in this troubled vicinity
This instant recourse offends all dignity

Squandered in unchartered surroundings
Dazed within this pathless basin
Haunted by the dread of drowning
From this nightmare a desire to be awakened

With the lights remaining off
Tongues exploring each other's mouths
Infectious glory, they can't get enough
Yet hardly aware of past interval truths

There's a murder in the backyard
Come quick and have a look
Confided darkness must be on guard
And be wary, as they could all be crooks

As he opens his eyes,
With that taste in his mouth he so despises
He realizes he's been sleeping in his chair
Why he was there, he's unaware

D.N. Rebb Biography

Dieter Norbert Rebowski, originally born in Germany, now resides with his wife in Ontario Canada. Together they had raised four children into adults and are now in the grandparent stage of life. D.N. Rebb (or Diane, as his friends call him) has self-published a series of poetic books called Written Words.)

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Left my home town just before six am
The right thumb was my only ride
Someone finally stopped, thank you ma'am
Heading to the city that has nothin' to hide
My heart and wallet were both empty
Only hope and inspiration led the way
The old lady was kind and handed me a twenty
But she was heading to the other side of the bay
So, I kept hitching and it started to rain
Finally a transport stopped, says he's going my way
He was an interesting chap, with one smart brain
Testing of what he had learned in all the yesterdays
He entertained me with his hearty singing
In perfect rhythm with the interval wipers
Smiling, I tried to keep the beat with simultaneous clapping
Just adored this remarkable man's artistic flair
When not melodic, he talked about inner peace
Said, no one can take away what is ultimately yours
It has no value for anyone to unkindly cease
Only let God muddle with your inner affairs
No one ever spoke of religion where it all made sense
This dear man must have had Jesus on his side
Then he spoke of his dead wife, which made him quite tense
In silence we drove on, the topic leaving him very teary-eyed
We reached downtown as the morning sun came up
He pulled over and told me something I'll never forget
If you're thirsty, don't be afraid to hold out your cup
Every storm will eventually stop being upset
Appointed time does heal all superficial wounds
And the lord will always be beside you when you're down
Know of the ones you need to make amends
When things get hectic, just don't frown
The sun will come up again tomorrow
There's always new auspicious beginnings
And with that, he said he had to go
And he left me on the side of the road grinning

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Every once in a while I need to eat at Arby's to remind myself that I don't like eating at Arby's.

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