Trust Is..(Please Forgive Me) Poem by Erin Thomasz

Trust Is..(Please Forgive Me)

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trust is me telling the truth.
trust is you believing me.
trust is me not being afraid.
trust is you not making me.

deep down within, i hope real hard
deep down within, i scream and shout
deep down within, i cant help but cry
deep down within, i think theres no way out

for what once had has now been lost
for that i blame myself
for childish as this thought may sound
for that long gone i sorely miss

trust we had so long ago.
trust which i destroyed.
trust is what we need again
trust to make us strong

all i can give is a simple word...sorry
all i can give is a simple thought...happiness
alli can give is a simple
all i can give is a simple heart

i just need you to forgive me...
without you i have nothing i want to give

for rohan {19th October,2005}

Trust Is..(Please Forgive Me)
Stacy Bea 29 April 2008

trust is hard to gain... but easy to lose... i wish the other way round... good poem

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Fadil Aliu 11 March 2007

I love the poem, it is really powerful but i just hope I can gain back my beloved one's trust...

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Kevin Poshka 27 January 2007

this poem is something i will never 4get i sent this to the girl i care about and ruined everything with all i want his her trust again

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Jerry Hughes 19 October 2005

all I can say is, lucky Rohan.

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