Daniel Reurink

Freshman - 701 Points (August 8,1990 / Lethbridge Alberta Canada)

Truth - Poem by Daniel Reurink

Do you contain thoughts always present
bundle them up, throw out, or keep the relished
Do you mourn the good, reject the bad
intertwine all thoughts like a spiders silken web

Do you hope for more, settle for less
convert a maelstrom into something's that blessed?
Did you loose your future? Do you harness the past?
If nothing is everything, nothing is best.

Everything is something, and something is nothing
so from this nothing, something must be everything.
But finding something in this empty closed nothing;
means disrupting everything in the void of tranquility.

The breach of the place you wish not enter
although, wishing will not get you to the center
Dig deep through the crust, dig deeper through the mantle
those caverns and caves are here to dismantle

Any thorough attempts to probe the mind
as you contain yourself to your own confine
Though blest is the ability to seek the truth
shattered hearts, twisted thoughts, a sign of the noose

Will be overcome by this self righteous path
this hangman's curse will be your last
Corrupt how both paths lead to the same place
every thought, action, deed, no matter displaced

low heaven, High Hell, earth's middle grounded battle
formulate defences, attacks, in the minds voided channel
The frequency set off by the white noised static
can be heard by who's tuned into the problematic

Problems easier to hear then be reflected on by thy own
for who wants to search themselves to the bone?
Those bones are just another fossil on the way to the core
for the deeper you search, the deeper you bore

Your titanium tipped boring thought
continues inward, molten red, scorching hot
To inner Zion, to inner peace
to inner hell you've unleashed

Deep far down south near the flaming red hot middle
your no Meshack, only the furnace's kindle
Find the burning seed that produced this dark-spawn fruit
approach the deep centered knowledge with no refute

For the demon of now, grown large from the past
holds tight to your fruits own substance.

How black is this bête noire
in this void thought distantly far
This bright day of night finally found
in the beating magma center of the ground!

A hollowed out area the naked eye cannot seek
for this forbidden fruit was seduced to the weak
An inner gained knowledge, forged at the center of your being
what a slithery slippery slope to get to the unseen

Distantly found in the fixed ribbed singularity
a webbed creature of thought causing disparity;
can be tamed, can be maimed, can be covered from shame,
can be thrown at another so your thoughts take no blame!

Wouldn't that just fuel the burning center of yours?
for the less responsibility you take, the more closed is liberty door
As freedom gained is additionally freedom lost
from the consequences of your own thoughts

Thoughts played out in action, deed's and mistakes
setting the crust, the mantle, letting free the snake
Who devours the pain of your innermost self
for only the heat of the truth will give help

The locked away truth, memories of your own noose
can be drilled to, un-caged, unleashed and set loose
Reject the bad, reject yourself, reject situations
were the snake tunnelled you out

The closer you keep this serpent to your being
the more tunnels it carves, the more it demeans
A personal respect, a good that should be relished
overthrowing this creature that's hellish

For who would dig to the center of their earth,
and not give the full truth for the first?

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