Daniel Reurink

Freshman - 701 Points (August 8,1990 / Lethbridge Alberta Canada)

Siddhi - Poem by Daniel Reurink

As I glow like a fire burning red
heating, dancing, patterns wed
into ambivalent coalescing waves of dread
fabric churning; relaxing, siddhi fed

entering in, withdrawn, solemn in guise
void of negativity; right-rib prize
capturing, embraces, Heart-filled lies
two trees; one forsaken path demise

o, ye serpent tongues of craft
suspect, Sun's elect, transparent draft
were once; I was, thus Am I; crystal staff
star's profound; mountain's cry in sap

from Tree's of Life; strife; books
containing knowledge, that is the serpent's hook
time forsook, forswoon, forgotten Nook's
a hidden "behind wall" written crook

what lies beyond the river's edge?
Select currents that only wedge
a ledge; over the hedge
were the laser's come from a cookie's suspense

I feel like a path; a way
that plays like currents bay;
each beach like a star; Abraham's own slay
where, when, why, who, what; each day

a Prophet see's the Word of life
the Holy Spirit is the divine light through strife
prevailing winds; sacrifice; a knife
cutting, betwixt my soul's tithe

before, I unlocked, a door of my Heart
I was consumed, caged, set-apart
lies, deceit, ploys, devilish comforts
came, left, saw, seen, separate

yet, common laws dictate a man
but which grain rises? A current strand
prolonged by waves of rights and plans
whose Divine Rights throne the King's command?

Back, was when; whenever, when-out
the Magic came from the Stone's doubt
opening, jumping, inside with planet's about
was seen, by my own orbital out

each planet, rings, snow and ice
can be harvested for water; then refreshed by rice
terraces on hills, thus created valleys for gneiss
they will thus, keep control of vice

as to say, when upon, we must heat the place
with, cognitive fires burning apace
thus the carbon dioxide will infuse the space
and the rice will use photosynthesis for grace

when some oxygen floats through the Aether
winds will rush and current's weather
will storm, create, jewel together
bacteria will form; bird's of a feather

prospering thus, the land will burn
each page refreshed by the ashes turn
and the lamp of Divine will set in urn
a new Word, a ocean, tectonic churns

that rises the temples of rock, volcanic Islands
creating lands for voyages and disciples
yet Walker's upon the fray of combinations
each to each Tribe, Aztec relation

the Heart cut, sewn shut, upon up
let the sanction of Altar's walk abrupt
to den's where organic creation's supped
a visionary; darkened eye time trust

upon renewal; disorder and mind
possession of Deities of order's design
rewind, solstice sublime, anew annexed align
time set's an example of our kind

Hope's to see the Walker's again
rocks upon layers of shoveled sand
where made like Poseidon, Spider, and planes
to reach to the Orbital Mainframe

sphere's within, constructed harmonies atune
let various employments develop in tunes
in music, whims, plays and dunes
that form under pressure from water and fumes

chemicals change, orbits derange
gravities bane, allowance of planes
windows of pain, enabling death's gain
Hade's Pluto is a cold; insane

Saturn's rings ready like notes
harmonizing like a steady Oak boat
that time in, time out, sets afloat
monster's inside Hope; your own scapegoat

the orbits change, like a cloud
they speak aloud, Doppler music sound
and shed's tears, like mercies ground
that gives us a place to put us around

others who see, the Tree, that moves tension
common visions of moderate attraction
visitation comprehension on delirious sound mentions
a walk, along the coast of sensation

I walk alone, a dance of death
yet each Word, precise, a living breath
that underneath, I escape the left
and thus; keep right, it is a test.

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