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they say i´m a punk,
they said it out loud,
and when all people turned
and looked at me,

Hold In Cauld Field...
stay in inocence,
is that what you meant
Mr. Salinger?

you're an orange peel thrown down the window,
i saw you when you fell,
i watched you while you were floating in the water,
next to my boat, in the middle of the sea.....

what i like the most
it's to lie on my back
and stare at the sky,
to lie on the grass

i feel like i've been here before,
don't you?

i stand still knowing nothing about it,
'something big it´s coming'
the crowd it´s impatient, so am i.
'something huge it´s happening'


it feels weird, its something i already kinda knew
mmmhhh, i dont know,
i knew it was there, but,
for almost a second, im pretty sure,

lit a cigarette and watch me die;
as you always sit in front of the tv,
now sit in front of me.

i feel distant and distracted,
it´s like if i was pulled by a magnet,
it´s weird and i like it.
it´s pathetic, but i can´t help it.

i´m dreaming of solitude.
there´s a meadow surronded by green eyes,
they have a brave attitude,
flowers with mustache,

i won't sleep 'coz the mounsters are back,
the ones that went away
when you got in my life
they're back 'coz now you're gone

it's my war aganist myself
it's my war aganist the trends,
it's a war and you'll be afraid,
and tomorrow everything'll end

i don't have to think
and you don't have to explain,
there is no need for words
when i know what you'll say

i got a couple of bucks in my hand,
think they'll help me make my way
far away?

if only i had superpowers
i'd find another thousand ways
to make you cry,
to make you die,

grown ups always wear gray suits when they work,
they always complain about trafic and weather,
they hate mondays and curse them but love
that they always get paid for working in that awful day.


it's so hard to find my mind
where did my heart run this time?
i'm so far from the one i cryed,
and he doesn't cry me back.


i didn't lost my arm
being hero at a war,
i didn't lost my leg
trying to save anyone

i left my tears on the road,
and a plant grew up
in the place where they fell
it was a sad plant

she dances like a queen
in a summer night
pagan fest,
twisting and rolling

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Tragic Designer from México

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They Called Me Punk

they say i´m a punk,
they said it out loud,
and when all people turned
and looked at me,
they all agreed.
i got ugly shoes,
dirty socks and bad hair,
they say i don´t care
about anything but myself,
they say i can´t handle consequences,
and that i´m inmature,
they say i´m a rebel,
a loser with a label.

i don´t talk a lot,
they might not be wrong,
but i hate it when they say it,
they tag me like a dog.
they keep saying it,
and it makes me belive it.

they say i´m a punk
and they don´t like the idea,
i should be a princess,
i should always be happy,
walk like a model and smile,
get a boyfriend,
friends, a life.
don´t have ideas,
do what they tell you,
prepare to be wife,
go to parties and pretend to have fun,
rush to a car,
drive 1000 mph,
crash to a tree and die
do everything the way we want you to be.

they say i´m a punk
´coz i´m not like them,
i wanna be different,
i don´t want to obey,
i don´t want to do
everything they say,
so if that´s what i have to be
to stay far of your way of being,
then, yes, i´m a punk,
even if you don´t like it.

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Roberta James Mitchell Popularity

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