Truth Shall Set You Free Poem by Ghazala Lari

Truth Shall Set You Free

In the search for truth, freedom shall be found,

Beware deceitful foes, masquerading all around,

Hidden beneath their masks, their true intentions lie,

But with discerning eyes, their secrets we'll untie.

A true friend is transparent, honest to the core,

No darkness in their heart, no secrets they implore,

But fake friends thrive in shadows, keep us in the dark,

Their lies and manipulation leave a lasting mark.

A lover who spins tales, a castle built on air,

Their web of deception, fragile and unfair,

But a true lover's foundation is built on love and truth,

Respecting one another, their bond forever smooth.

A superhero stands alone, strong and self-reliant,

No need for rescue, their strength is self-sufficient,

For true heroes work in silence, unseen by others' eyes,

Their acts of kindness, unnoticed, but never a surprise.

A ghost from the past, leaving darkness in their wake,

With lies and deception, a lasting heartache,

But true friends and loved ones help us find the light,

Guiding us through darkness, restoring what is right.

Though he posed as a foe, deep down he was a friend,

Mastering deception, his true motives to defend,

Unseen, he toiled tirelessly, day in and day out,

His actions hidden, his intentions devout.

Sincerity and purity, a path to God's embrace,

Goodness and truth will follow, never leaving a trace,

Only a liar shies away, unable to face the truth,

But those who speak honestly, shine through like a sleuth.

No need for messengers, when truth is pure and clear,

No lies to taint its essence, no falsehoods to adhere,

In words and deeds, honesty will always shine,

Even the blind can see it, a testament divine.

He sought the past's mistakes, to defame and expose,

But all he found was rubble, from innocence's repose,

Ashamed and defeated, he fell into his own snare,

Defamation his burden, a heavy cross to bear.

Darkness and light, they can never intertwine,

In their separate realms, their boundaries define,

Yin and yang coexist, harmonious yet apart,

But merging the two can never be their art.

A superficial blunder may bring an unexpected grace,

What seemed like goodness, may leave regret in its trace,

Let God decide what's best, through hardships we may roam,

For in the darkest nights, comfort will find its home.

In the search for truth, let freedom be our guide,

Avoid the lies of enemies, who pretend to be by our side,

For within ourselves, the light of truth will always shine,

And with its guiding glow, freedom will be thine.

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