Tv Poem by Alexander Julian


Pick up the remote.
Turn on your TV and wait.
Really, point that device near the glazed screen.
Channels are picked up- buttons are pressed, the switch is made.
A dream is in the works across visual forms.
It might be a ghost you see.
Something burns along the tube.
Power flows into features presented of imaginary presence.
Existence is figurative at distance and mileage.
Little episodes play between premeditated claims.
Movements cause form in relation to animation over rough, moving shades.
Usually the digits should be off the remote.
Fingers bend above the glow.
Demand rests in the picture among players human and machine.
Our living rooms get boiling hot from desperation.
Channels are hit, signals are reached, reception with interference.
An increasing graphic over the edge proves its eclipse.
Bright, radiant exaggerations become angled for perceived retaliation.
Push the button again; for that matter, push all your own buttons.
TV involves private living for the witness of external circumstances.
My poem reaches you on TV for your computer.
Notion melts out of proportion towards struggling looks.
Film must get rid of a page for the next scene to come to fruition.
Healthy watching is possible.
A lot of clips pass up over dramatic appeal.
Constant events make a movie.
Quality has touch, sensation, and imaginary gravitation that may be natural.
Vision is mixed by sights in gear for moving eyes.
Noah's ark looks better on screen.
Jesus can really suffer in another person's role for film.
Miracles occur with electricity.
So, film literature may be defined as light for dark materials since views run.
A viewing can go faster or slower depending on guarantees.
You can watch TV now; I'm just telling you.

Saturday, August 3, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: film,film star,life,love,luck,miracle,point of view,show,style
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