Two Buckets Poem by Curtis Johnson

Two Buckets

It happened without any action on my part. All I had to do was just say, "Yes, I will go". Moreover, it was not my dream, but my friend's.
However, from a child, I have been an avid sports fan. My games of choice, and my childhood fantasies were baseball, basketball, and later on, football.

From a child, I had pictured myself on the field of dreams playing baseball. When reality set in, I was content to see myself in the stands.
In 1974, I attended my first MLB game in Chicago. In 1984, I attended a Harlem Globe Trotters game in Oakland, Ca. In or about 1990, I attended my first NBA game in Sacramento, Ca.
That left one major American sport to go, and it was a long-shot. In fact, such a feat was buried deep in the bottom of my bucket list. There were certainly other things placed in a higher priority, but life happens, and so often we have very little to do with the happenings.

So in October of 2019, I was invited by a friend to attend an NFL game in K.C., Mo., and after a Grey Hound Bus, an Amtrak Train, and a rented car, the nearly 4000 mile round trip to that game became the most recent item kicked off my bucket list. In a very real sense, there were two buckets in one, shared by friends. My life's venture came as a most memorable gift. Who knew?

111220PS, PH

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