Two Love Birds Poem by Kolawole Ajao

Two Love Birds

Rating: 4.8

Two love birds:
Singing together,
Perching together,
Roaming together.

Two love birds:
Seeing each second,
Floating each minute,
Drooping each hour.

Two love birds:
Nesting together,
Slumbering together,
Brooding together.

Two love birds:
Eating each second,
Drinking each minute,
Chirping each hour.

Aye, two love birds! :
Not dying together.

Nimal Dunuhinga 17 April 2010

We have to learn more things from birds, Ajao nice poem. Good luck!

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Jim Troy 14 August 2011

Two beautiful souls sharing the physical plane of existence together. But in the grander scheme of eternal life each individual re-enters the fold but still remains within the singularity, or the masters plan. I love the way you have written this one..... very powerful........and loving Jim Troy

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Two love birds... apoem of life. Enjoyed the read!

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Dr Antony Theodore 29 April 2010

liked very much your two love birds doing everything together but also not dying together! bringing in a great reality of life.. thank yu for sharing. tony

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 19 April 2010

Very much un-contemplated finish at least I was not ready for it…it’s your Mastery to carry till last word of poem and get awed…but known to all … Voted 10 Ms. Nivedita UK

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Michael Brock 18 April 2010

Two love birds, well written and holds together very well, The last verse pulls the whole together and gives the poem its stand to perch upon. thanks for sharing michael

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Kolawole Ajao

Kolawole Ajao

Akure, Ondo State Nigeria
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