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In the pitch darkness strange things can happen;
But unfortunately nowadays it happens in the daylight too.

* The title quoted from the book ' American Indian myths and legends' selected and edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz.

My scholar friend keeps his late Grandma's diary
And a certain page was highlighted in the color of yellow.
My old ferryman you never realized that how I deeply loved you?
Since in the cradle the word 'depth' I heard several occasions from my parents.

I started re-reading Kawabata Yasunari san's 'Izu no Odoriko'
and I dream of your golden country 'Japan'.
I was surprised as I have been there.
Chiba-ken, Matsudo city, sakura-dori, tokiwadaira coffe master

Oh! I watch this wonderful game in a lonely park.
A millionaire strikes a small ball with his iron club
And it flies to infinity,
He goes behind that happily.

This beguile strange woman in her forties and I am sorry that I have heard forties are the naughtiest.
She begs not charity and she has enough money.
Even though the solitude and suffering.

We are not seeing each other
but we exchange what they call poetry.
Madam you are far beyond the vicinity.
I am an old bachelor stick around

There he comes like a Santa Claus on a Christmas eve along the road of hope.
Lamp posts salute him and the children offer their autographs to sign.
He uses his thousands of pens which holds in one hand.
Homeless they watch the T.V. in their new houses while washing the dirty linen.

He pitches a higher octave the inner song of desperation
While his fiancee on picnicking with her violin.
She fiddles to another heart a different tune
And the blind sees her secret whereabouts.

An innocent virgin from a hidden haunted house
Who comes out to the new civilized world?
The Bridegroom is unknown from the lower depths?
We all wish them a happy wedded life forever

This rare bird tells of its encounter
When the Telescopic man gossips;
'I found nothing but emptiness
And I was breathless

I signed the back of a lottery ticket, filled the name and address clearly.
The night is sleeping but still I am awake in a Gas station to fulfill the boisterous vehicles.
I hear a whisper in my decaying wallet.
'Hey! Dear this is not the winning ticket exactly but a day would be appeared and bring you the lucky chance soon.' The lottery muttered.

Time is a wonderful thief who steals everything from us?
Shining spring comes through the fallen leaves
And the willy-nilly flowers bloom merrily.
Famous birds sing and the deep rivers flow quietly.

Oh! It's very cheap a bottle of Cerveza
And I spent only a dollar and ninety nine cents.
All of a sudden I flew to El Salvador last night,
And it's a Red carpet at San Salvador,

If I am a Snake and you are a Cactus flower in a thorny bush.
Do you think that we can love forever?
If I am a River and you are the Bank
Then only we can join together in the Ocean of Love.

I write your name
On this small envelope
But I don't know your address.
Anyway, I dropp this letter

When the juggler smiled,
Her tear dropp not responded and kept quiet.
He was angry and scolded;
'Don't you know how to smile really? '


The polka is a Central European dance and also a genre of dance music familiar throughout Europe and the Americas. It originated in the middle of the 19th century in Bohemia. Polka is still a popular genre of folk music in many European countries and is performed by folk artists in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Slovakia. Local varieties of this dance are also found in the Nordic countries, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Latin America (especially Mexico) , and in the United States.

Month of February finishes
And March comes

She's listed among the best 25 performing Artists in Asia
And won numeral international awards for her best perfomance
in our local cinema.
I liked her best roles in 'Nidhanaya, Bambaru Avith and Akasa Kusum.'

If you want to see the World
Though I am blind,
Ready to give my eyes.
If you're hungry

nimal dunuhinga Biography

I was a Seafarer for 15 years, presently wife & myself are residing in the USA and seek a political asylum. I have two daughters, the eldest lives in Austalia and the youngest reside in Massachusettes with her husband and grand son Siluna.I am a free lance writer.First of all I must indebted to for opening the gates to this global stage of poets. Finally, I must thank them all, my beloved wife Manel, daughters Tharindu & Thilini, son-in-laws Kelum & Chinthaka, my loving brother Lalith who taught me to read & write and lot of things about the fading life.All the loved ones supply me ingredients to enrich this life's bitter-cake.I am not a scholar, just a sailor, but I learned few things from the Life-school.At last I found Man is not belongs to anybody, any race or to any religion, an independant-nondescript mammal.The heaviest burden who carries is the Brain. Conclusion, I guess most of my poems, the concepts based on the essence of Buddhist philosophy.My personal belief is the Buddha who was the greatest poet on this planet earth.I always grateful and admire him. My humble regards to all the readers.)

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*moon Rapes His Sister Sun

In the pitch darkness strange things can happen;
But unfortunately nowadays it happens in the daylight too.

* The title quoted from the book ' American Indian myths and legends' selected and edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz.
(This violent story tells of a stormy encounter between a female sun and a male moon.)

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Amanda Lukas 04 November 2005

I'm kind of new to this site, but I've been finding myself constantly reading and enjoying your work. Please continue to bless us with it.

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David Tanguay 07 January 2006

I agree with Denise! Nimal has a heart of gold, I do not have to look up a definition of a word in the dictionary to understand where his greatness lies.Love speaks louder than words

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Duncan Wyllie 14 July 2006

Nimal's work carries such a strong theme and always beautifully expressed and the flow and style never seem to disapoint, I have enjoyed reading Nimals words for some time and if asked of the quality and depth of feeling expressed I would say, very moving and so worth the read Love duncan X

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Shani Bogamuwa 31 August 2007

Hello Nimal Uncle you have very excellent poems

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Madhabi Banerjee 08 April 2017


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Ben Burger 13 October 2011

Just a note of your bio, it's spelt Australia

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Mohammad Muzzammil 27 January 2011

I've read your poem and found you are a great poet to introduce world with things that happen around us, and we are ignoring them. The poems by him are the language of heart that can be understood by the people who had human milk and kind to hear the pulpititations of their heart.

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Jerry Hughes 23 August 2009

Over 1100 poems and still writing, well done Nima, obviously your creative well remains full. Warmly, Jerry

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Joseph Daly 28 March 2008

For once it may help the reader of Nimal's works, to look at his resume. Nimal uses English as a second language but he uses his grasp of the tongue to portray some beautifully wise themes. Nimal is one of the most natural poets on this site. He concerns himself with structure and theme but recognises his limitations in the use of English. It is this that works so well and gives us an authentic look at his work. It is perhaps, rare that one comes across a talent that can turn a lack of something into a virtue and create an original and dynamic art, Since writing this about Nimal I have observed great changes in his work. I think that he has utilised his limitations on the English language, to outstanding and unique levels. I firmly believe that Nimal is one of the best poets I have read and it is a crime that his work is not more widely known. For me, Nimal is a master, whose uniqueness would be difficult to improve upon. It is rare that an artists work should give us so much of the individual, but I feel that Nimal's work does just that.

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