Shireen Ramadan

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Unfinished, Am I? - Poem by Shireen Ramadan

Humping dawn terminates the seven suns,
I breed them circles, ambiguous plague, in cages,
Bleeding a new born, in blood-soup ov the whites' burden,
Blind me sleep & crush me intimidating,
The poor black survival in a seed ov 'I',
The dusk is sinking, my negroes' peace in postmortem,
Splitting to measure their bowels colonial,
In eyes ov becoming, imperialism is rolling vague,
Erzulie underground, the enraged savage in tension,
Bugs & vogue limbs, flowing the swarms,
Squashing me grape, winding up the reaper,
Mother earth is bleeding evil, taking fancy as hostage,
Unshackled by their JESUS or saga ov twisted,
Unslaved sacks, under-belly, their ships ov slave robbery,
Knitting black in dummies, I leashed the humane,
Measuring gold to buy beings inversion,
Indictment in a land ov justice, new-born, unfinished,
Eat me charred in bread & rape me undelayed,
It's my bargain ov blackened, it's my demon the mentalist,
Weeping curses in forests ov torture,
That negoes are breeding pain immortal,
Am I a verdant ripped unblamed?
Am I a slave unfinished sustained?
Am I a mascot in voodoo sneaking?
Or a Nazi to incinerate?
I'm their mud-blood verbosity, the lost phenomenon in pain,
It's my Erzulie pierced with dagger beyond,
It's my demon to obliterate,
Burn me hell & burn them self-aborted,
My odious bigots ov cross mundane,
Their negoes are mine & the earth inflicted,
I'm the lame in leprosy gods civilised,
I cannot relieve the deepness till I've them slain,
It's my own wedding ring in the mouth ov crow,
Bonding eternity with mother earth forms,
Underground mentalists, the Jews are drowning infants,
Babes ov Solomon on their throne ov hate,
Am I a subordinate demi-god ov knowing?
Or inversion ov cross & norms ov frowning?
Communion ceremony, in caves perspectively,
Laity ov African exorcised, leashing stones ov sorcery,
My bold far Maories, the swarms ov lost countenance,
The lames don't need their ground nor abundance,
Their cells are twisted abusing gods civilised,
Our mud-blood under surface, under-belly ov existence,
Burn them liquefied in wine & liberal acts,
As Lady ov the Rocks is claimed in painting,
Liberal leprosy ov grape & charts,
To leash me humble psyche or Indian abolished,
My piercing dagger is human, unfinished, am I?

Poet's Notes about The Poem

about racial discrimination

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