Madison Wrobel

Unforgivable - Poem by Madison Wrobel

Shoot me, shank me
do what you want with me,
I can’t feel a thing
I’m numb to the bone.

I’m like chalk on that chalk board
being so easily erased.
I’m information lost from a mystery.
A waste of time and space.

Till I see the light,
Then look into your eyes
And I catch a glimpse of heaven
and I find my paradise.

Then I come back to life
and I am invincible.
I’m at the top
and I can t be stopped.

I used to drown the world with my tears,
And kill millions with my fears.
Now I save people with my spirit
And I give many blessings to all
Of the people who never seemed to forget me,
But kept me close to their hearts.

I am the ruler of the world.
Seas only rise when I give the word.
I used to morn in the mornings
But now I sleep ecstaticly

I walk the streets that only I can own.
I don’t roll the dice.
I feel the fear from my enemy’s eyes
I listened as the crowd would sing
'Now that she is dead we all are weeping”

One second I held the key,
Now the doors are shut on me.
I discovered that my world stands
Upon mystical opinions.
No one will ever forget me.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 28, 2011

Poem Edited: Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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