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Uninformed Masses Believed Earth Was Flat - Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

once uninformed masses
believed the earth was flat
during medieval dark ages

yet esteemed ancient Greeks
knew earth was really a sphere
calculated degree of horizons

now sol is a singular star believe masses
yet over 80% of all solar systems
according to NASA have multiple suns

bright stellar fires of smaller suns
some not much bigger than Jupiter
most common suns brown dwarfs

12 to 80 times Jupiter’s size brown dwarfs
found floating freely in interstellar space
also proliferate as binary star companions

is our Sol our sun really a singular solar system?
remember over 80% are binary solar systems
is it possible earth’s sun is a binary solar system?

accepted theory our Sun formed as a singular star
with a uniform proto-planetary disk yet evidence
from outer solar system is far more complicated

the Sun formed as part of a wide binary system?
the smaller partner of which is a sub-brown dwarf?
the early solar system two spinning gaseous clumps?

nursery matter orbits two proto-planetary disks
orbit around each other at 200 Astronomical Units
distance together from beginning of our earth’s

solar system now locked into a 3600 year binary orbit

the larger Sol 'classical’ proto-planetary disk
forms the Sun the second forms a sub-brown
dwarf plus independent proto-planetary disk

this scenario explains anomalies
of the Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt
and an inexplicable gap of objects

beyond 50AU it provides
a very sensible mechanism
a brown dwarf could form

beyond the classical proto-planetary disk
located in a wide binary orbit with parent star
as occurs in discovered CHRX-73 binary

do we live in a binary solar system with two suns?
with an old brown dwarf an unborn twin of Sol?
unborn twin a red light dim in a long elliptical orbit?

sweeping in through the core of our system
once every 3600 years recorded in Sumerian
cuneiform texts Marduk Nibiru Red Comet

next flyby with end of Mayan Calendar coincides

classified scientists see historic rises in solar activity
as primary engine of global warming what is driving?
increases in solar activity during latest solar minimum?

the Sun is warming the Earth what warmed outer planets?

present solar maximum was supposed to begin
an new 11-year solar cycle in March of 2008
yet it began early in January it peaks in 2012

it will be half again as violent as any in recorded history?

Our sun has been in a frenzy since 1940
Sol's South Pole 80,000 degrees hotter than
its North pole in recent measurement?

According to NASA our sun is imminent
to reach its most active state in recorded history?
is the sun binary curving through space?

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