Sown Into Earth Adoration Love Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Sown Into Earth Adoration Love

Rating: 4.0

there is no wilderness
when hearts return
home to primeval welcome

of landscapes echoing
with creation echoes
accept sun's rising

dawn accept sun's morning
light dew drops sparkling
accept stirs of all creatures

singing harmony of species
life purposes held weighted
in balance high noon behold

breeze wondering afternoon
mystical wanderings stretching
into sunset yellow red ribbons

spanning warm horizon
embraced light behold
night spun with myriads

of stars singing
cosmic galaxies
birth growth expansion

harmonies behold
smooth moon kissing
love song creation

into earth
adoration love

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

Terence George Craddock 14 August 2012

The poem of the day is not chosen according to agendas of contemporary poetic beauty or perceived enlightenment. The poem of the day is a strange mix of past status quo and a PH assumption of dominant discourse and discourse of the other which will upon occasion stand the test of time. Sometimes the choices are gems, sometimes the poem chosen, fails to represent the true value and unique qualities of the poet under consideration. The poem 'Sown Into Earth Adoration Love' is a poem within a series of linked poems and remains outside the perception of PH conceptions. Unlike established poems an analysis of the poem does not exist and sweeping statements to not define specific poems within their own context. To access the poem in detail, it is easier to understand, when reading the themes of other poems written at the same time. The themes of wilderness, paradise, happiness and human contemporary relationships to our world environment and other people, societies; is a subtle key to interacting and unlocking meaning. There is a linear link developing aspects of thought and insight meandering through the poems 'When Does A Thought...' 1.8.2012 (2) , 'Transcends Into Paradise' 1.3.2012 (3) , 'Personality Touch Kisses' 1.3.2012 (4) , 'Flowing Rivers Of Time' 1.3.2012 (5) , 'Within Paradise Landscapes' 1.3.2012 (6) , 'Sown Into Earth Adoration Love' 1.3.2012 (7) and 'The Wilderness Of Love's Separation' 1.3.2012 (8) . These poems were not written for PH, but for a future audience, which may value time matured perceptions. They are written for a narrow perception range which will not suit a general readership here. Therefore speed scan and skip if it does not appeal. We all have differing tastes and themes which we prefer. This is a beauty and strength in poetry, the diversity means, there will always be poets and poems which define the specific desires, of every reader who takes the time to look.

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Pranab K Chakraborty 16 August 2012

Well written with magnificent touch of fourth-dimensional reality of life and universe. As if all knitted with a skilled hand and the human is bound to do what is destined. Love is the nectar of such guineapig existence.

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Miroslava Odalovic 15 August 2012

Congratulations my friend :) . It almost looks as if my comment from more that a week ago came true. I know you're paying the price of being selectively read. Perhaps people do not pay attention to the fact that many of your poems are split images as you like to call them. Even if so some split images can be written in isolation and this one I am sure will stand the test of time. It is true poem of the day does not always represent the poet's utmost achievement and the criteria used are not those you'd like to use. I would never like to stand in the selector's shoes. lol I think it's a tough job. Anyways I am happy these lines will reach other members.

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Valerie Dohren 16 August 2012

Lovely poem, great imagery.

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Leslie Philibert 16 August 2012

What I like here is the gaunt, strict imagery, free of rhetorical overkill, a poem that transcends traditional syntax and is like a series of haikus.

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Lyn Paul 16 August 2014

Love the slow pace in these words and just the pure feeling of peace. Thank You Terence

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reach for the stars pull them down to earth let them glow then let them go..inspiration...

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reach for the stars pull them down to earth let them glow then let them go..inspiration...

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Pranab K Chakraborty 16 August 2013

Excellent love to glorify the life and universe. Such writing never stands to tell how the poet lives with pain and passion hides behind his own doctrine. Yet to live a reader gets his/her strength to look at the happenings on the globe which makes him bore to think as a human......Nice write and thanks for sharing the fire you cultivate just to glorify the life and earth.

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Barb Mcavaney 22 August 2012

Incredible poem with great imagery

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