Song Of My Love* Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Song Of My Love*

Rating: 5.0

As the rains come and the winds blow
so the days go and the years flow.
The crash of waves the thundering skies
so my love goes on that never dies.
Before the Alfa and Omega
the beginning or the end.
Our love, was written in the stars
beyond time - transcending life and death.
Brighter than the shapes of night
supernovae pale beside that light
It was written in the stars.

I should write you love letters
to stir the heart of a woman
to make the fair maiden weep.
To be sung from the highest citadel
as I prey there beneath your feet.
A quest through time for your soul did I seek.
Life before you seeped with countless agonies
when I walked in the fires of hell,
a salve was your love it was ecstasy
left me breathless, cradled in love now I swell.

My heart so full so heavy it pains
defined in expressing this love that it claims.
Sharpest pain and sweetest pleasure
I shall love you my darling forever
through countless ages together.
Beyond time beyond life beyond death.
It was written in the stars.

Ruth Walters 16 April 2010

Wow! Such deep emotion and intensity! Bravo Ruthie: o)

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Jean Dament 25 June 2010

Like Ruthie I say Wow! What a beautiful love poem that is intense & expresses deep emotion. Great write. I give it a 10. Thanks for sharing this one with us. Spiritsong

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Kial Whitmire 25 June 2010

Revelations 21: 6 And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely I'm really tuning and channeling into this write.

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Unwritten Soul 25 June 2010

I like when u use stars as a subject! it make this more romantic hahahaha... well it is nice and well written by u like always! ...Pure is a correct word to describe it.. i just got an idea to write a song after read well i think no need to compare with ur poem of ' a family blessing' because both are good in it's on way....Thanks for sharing this sweet lullaby

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Gita Ashok 26 June 2010

A very sweet song, indeed! Though the theme is run-off-the-mill in poetry, you have presented it very well. The imagery is fabulous, words are passionate, mood is positive, flow of the stanzas is smooth, literary quality has not been sacrificed for the sake of rhyme, theme, of course, is good. Overall, a very good write. A 10+++++....... for sure here.

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Bhagabat Prasad Hotta 11 November 2018

Most most beautiful poem.... So great.....10++++++

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Unwritten Soul 20 July 2010

look at the night sky, i see ur writing shiny just like a star...u filter the lame word and collect the best words to complete your beautiful star...This inspiring me...! Thanks for sharing

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Clarissa Dee 17 July 2010

Beautiful words filled with emotions, I love it! Very well written and wonderful to read. The imagery is amazing! Lovely, just as all your poems are,10++++ Keep writing, your words could change the world one day

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Kieran J96 30 June 2010

this my fav, u should use this as it is really good. can u read some of mine plz thnx

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 29 June 2010

narrated like singing though you just wrote the poem and posted it here... nice write!

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